The Healing Current

"My name is Ebiere Scott. I’m from Edinburg Scotland. In January, 2011, I was diagnosed with a heart condition known as Supraventricular Tachycardia. It is a condition that describes the rapid heart rhythm of the upper chambers of the heart.

The symptoms of this disease include a racing or fluttering feeling in the chest, chest discomfort, dizziness, fainting, and shortness of breath, fatigue and sweating. I was sent to a cardiologist who monitored my heart rate and did some tests. This was done on two separate occasions. In order to diagnose this, the doctor had to put me through a heart monitor to check the rhythm of my heart for 7 days.

And the readings came out with high levels of irregular heart beat which invariably caused the dizziness and fainting spells.It was about the same time, in June 2011 that I began to have these severe abdominal symptoms in my stomach. I was admitted and was in and out of the hospital as a result. I did Ultra sound and CT scans, and had several diagnostic endoscopic procedures but they couldn’t really find anything that was wrong. Yet the pain was excruciating in my lower right abdomen.

I was in this deteriorating state of health when I came for the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris; which took place at the Wembley Arena, London in the year 2011. I was in such excruciating pain that I could barely stand nor walk due to the severe heart condition. The fluttering of the heart had worsened, and would sometimes persist for up to 3 minutes.

At the Sunday night session which was the very last session of the conference, the Man of God, Pastor Chris, gave a specific word of Knowledge concerning my condition. He said, “There is someone here receiving healing, the anointing of God is moving around you waist region. You have had a problem with walking. Receive healing now." I knew in that instant that it was me! As he said that, I felt electric currents like shocks go through my body. Just shortly after that, he said, “Put your hand where you need a miracle.”

I put my hand on my chest and as I did that, the sensation I felt, those electric currents all over my body got stronger. Then the Spirit of God said, “You are healed”, and told me to go forward and testify. And I did! Before long, I found myself in front. I was at the side of the stage when Pastor Chris turned to me and asked me to come forward. He told me that God had a plan for my life. He said that God had called me because He has a purpose for me. And though the devil wanted to destroy my life, God had delivered me from the hands of the devil. Afterwards, the cardiologist called me to come to the hospital for another check.

And when I did go, they put the heart monitor in again to check the rhythm of my heart for 7 days. But this time around, there was nothing! No tachycardia or fluttering. They found absolutely nothing! They couldn’t believe that the same heart that had high irregular heart beat was completely fine. They put the 7 day heart monitor another time and the readings came back perfect! Since then, my heart has remained fine and I function in divine health. My stomach has also been healed and I am perfect!

Glory to God! It took one word from God to turn her entire situation around forever. That same God is alive; His word is living, active and able to produce the same results in your life today if you will only believe."


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