Barbara Joseph Healed of Cancer!

Barbara Joseph tells a tale of hope and healing from a deadly cancer that plagued her body. In May 2011, a routine check-up with her doctor, which included a mammogram. The report from the tests revealed a big mass of cancerous cell in her right breast. The doctor’s prognosis handed to her was so discouraging, so much that night, all alone in her home, she got on her knees and poured out her heart to God in prayer. She resigned herself to the medical reports, accepting that the diagnosis might be her fate to exit the world.<br/><br/> God heard her that night and orchestrated the course of the next few days to a place of healing and hope; an atmosphere for miracles where she would be touched by God’s healing hands. Pastor Chris had come to South Africa where she resided. Her sister took her to the Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris.<br/><br/>That meeting was unlike any she had ever experienced. In that meeting, as they praised, worshipped and the man of God prayed, she felt God’s power come upon her and fell backwards, unconscious of her immediate environment. She did not think too much of her condition, wondering at what had just happened to her at that meeting.<br/><br/>She showed up for the earlier scheduled biopsy (A biopsy is a medical procedure, during which a small sample of tissue is removed from a part of the body. The sample of tissue is then examined under the microscope to look for abnormal cells). The procedure was done with miraculous results. The cancer was completely gone! <br/><br/>Two years on, Barbara was requested by the Cancer Society in her locality to go for a series of tests to ascertain her status and two years on, the results from these tests still attest to and affirms the healing she received at the meeting with the man of God, Pastor Chris.<br/><br/>Today, Barbara is a living testimony that a touch from God can heal any sickness and disease and can restore hope to those in need of it. Halleluyah!


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