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This is the story of Joan, a loving mother residing in Toronto, Canada who after an awful accident was diagnosed with a condition that left her unable to do many things herself. God’s word is life unto those that find it and health to all of their flesh. Read on as she shares her testimony of her miraculous healing at the higher life conference in Toronto Canada.

"All went well until 2002 when I had an awful accident that left me in excruciating pains. After a medical exhibition, I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a rare condition caused by the compressing of the nerves and blood vessels between the neck and the shoulders. I suffered from symptoms like pain, arm and hand weakness, numbness in the hands and fingers

Life was very difficult because before I went to do anything, I had to plan everything. People had to help me put my food onto the table or to turn the top off a bottle of water. Every detail had to be planned for what I was going to do. Even if I was going to put a wallet into my winter coat, the coat sometimes felt too heavy. Even when I was putting money into a wallet, the wallet sometimes felt too heavy on my shoulders. 

Even in the midst of my pain God still spoke to me, showing me what I would look like (when I got healed). When He has spoken to me whether it is by word or vision or when I read His word, I believe him because God is not Man that he should lie. I took what he told me as truth that he was telling me I would be healed.

My faith in God made her believe that it was miraculously possible and it was at this stage that I decided to attend the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris. I told myself, “I’m going to that Higher Life Conference and I’m going to get my full healing.”  

There at the conference, the teaching was preparing and setting us up with what to expect. It let me know that God had something in store for everyone there. When it was time to worship, I participated with all of my heart and as I did, I had a divine encounter with the power of God!

I was worshipping God and loving Him and there I felt his love engulfing me. As I raised my hands up, I felt His glorious presence with me.

Then Pastor Chris encouraged us as the spirit was moving to take a hold of our healing, because healing was happening right there. My faith just raised up and I grabbed a hold of my healing.

There was no sensation that something was different, there was no tingling. It was just a realization in my spirit from the Holy Spirit that I had received my healing. It was accomplished, it was finished, and it was done. Now, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is not a condition; it is just a name and there is no other name above the name of Jesus. Now I live the higher life in Christ!Glory to God!


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