Kofi from MOROCCO asks:

Thank you Pastor for teaching us the Word of God. Pastor you teach that a born-again Christian does not need deliverance. I am a new Christian and I have been invited in a church and after prayers and praises, I saw demonic manifestations in some 2 sisters and a brother which I knew as old Christians. I don’t understand anymore! Please, Pastor can you explain to me?

Pastor Chris Answers:

Yeah, Pastor Kay?

Pastor Kayode proffers:
Thank you, sir, thank you very much. Thank you for the opportunity to be here on the set with you. Pastor, I would like to read from Colossians chapter one, I’d begin from verse 12. It says: “Giving thanks unto the father which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son”. Now for every believer who is a Christian, the first thing is that the person is taken from the domain of darkness; so, we are delivered already! But I think that he is talking about oppression- whether a Christian is oppressed or possessed. A Christian cannot be possessed by the devil but can be oppressed depending on what he knows. So, there are those who still talk about being delivered but you have already taught us that we are delivered already and we are in God’s kingdom.

Pastor Chris answers:
We are in God’s kingdom! And you see sometimes our observations can really question what we think in the Word. Now notice that I said what we think, rather than what we know because, if you actually know, there would be no questions. Let me explain to you- I know that there are Christians who go for deliverance sessions and there are other Christians who are delivering them. It’s the same thing for when Christians get sick. A Christian should not be sick. But there are Christians that get sick and oftentimes it’s because of ignorance or misuse of the body. So, when you misuse your body you’re going to get into trouble with your body but then you’ve got to do something about it if you know the truth: “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (Scripture reference: John 8:32). So, those two sisters and brother in Morocco that were having demonic manifestations, obviously, they did not know what to do about their situation; they let the demons come into them! The demon cannot force his way if you don’t let him. He can’t! He can’t do it! Even for non-Christians, demons can’t force themselves into non-Christians, otherwise the whole world would be possessed! But they are not possessed! Demons can’t force their way! They can only do it when you let them and so these particular Christians let the demons get a hold of them, come into their lives. Now, had they been taught the Word and accepted the Word, all they needed to do was to say: ‘devil get out of my life in the name of Jesus Christ!’ and that would be it! But many don’t believe that that is real, so they are looking for somebody to deliver them. They are looking for some help somewhere and it’s a problem. It (the Bible) says: “they know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But you shall die like men” (Scripture reference: Psalm 82:5-7). Why are they dying like men? Because it says: ‘they know not neither will they understand. They walk on in darkness’. Sad story! Painful! But if you study the Word and learn the Word and live by the Word, you are not going to have problems with demons. You are going to be chasing them out, you are going to be casting out devils. He (Jesus) said: “in my name shall they cast out devils” (Scripture reference: Mark 16:17).
Let me tell you this: there is nobody who is gifted spiritually, who is gifted specially to cast out devils. No one! There is no such gift in the Bible! There is no special gift for casting out devils. Every Christian can cast out devils and, there is no Christian, no minister that has a special authority to cast out demons. There is none! We cast out devils in the name of Jesus Christ because he gave every one of us the power of attorney to use his name to cast out devils. Every one of us can cast out devils. Don’t believe that somehow, you need some special help to cast out the devil out. If you tell him to go, he would go. Believe in your own words. That’s what you need. The devils don’t like us telling people the truth, but this is the truth! There’s no gift in the Bible for casting out devils, so you can’t say- ‘oh I don’t have the gift of casting out devils! There’s no such gift! We all have been given the one gift that is necessary- the name of Jesus Christ. He says “these signs shall follow them that believe…”, not special ministers, not special apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists, no! “These signs shall follow them that believe…” The first sign: “…in my name they shall cast out devils”. All of us who believe can cast out devils. So, let’s keep casting them out.

Rev. Ray proffers:
Pastor Sir, there is a scripture in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 27, it says: “Neither give place to the devil”. That means we have the authority.

Pastor Chris answers:
Don’t give place to the devil! And that also means that you could, that’s why he told you not to because you could. It’s an act of your will; it’s up to you! You may let the devil come in, by your choice or by your ignorance. “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” (Scripture reference: Hosea 4:6). See, that’s what God said.

Rev Ray proffers:
Pastor sir, a little digression but consistent with what we are saying: I think the brother is referring to probably some physical demonstrations of demonic presence, but there are also some other manifestations that might not be as physical, like anger. The Bible talking about it says, “be angry, and sin not”. And they (the manifestations) are demonic. And sometimes some people allow that in their lives.

Pastor Chris answers:
Yes, you allow anger, bitterness, envy, these things are works of demons. Of course, they are works of the flesh, but they open up the door. That’s why you shouldn’t let them. Anger is a work of the flesh, bitterness is of the flesh, envy is of the flesh, strife is of the flesh. Now, when you have these things manifested in your life, what you are doing is you are giving place to the devil. So, the demons would take advantage of that in your life and come in. Jesus said, “the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me” (Scripture reference John 14:30). See, Jesus said satan had nothing in him. Can you say satan has nothing in you? If you’ve got anger, that means he’s got something in you. If you’ve got bitterness, that means satan has got something in you. If you’ve got envy it means satan has got something in you! And if he’s got something in you, he’s going to come for it and then make a home either in your body or in your mind- somewhere- and start running your life. Don’t let satan have a place in your life. Never let him! Give no place to the devil!


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faith obi

Wise answer from the Holy Ghost......Thank u so much PASTOR. I love u


Thank you so much Sir. I have been tremendously blessed by listening to archives of the Q and A sections of the {astorChrisLive.


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I love you may God continue blessing. You plz send rhapsodies to zambia to spirit life campaign ministries. I love you daddy

Dear pastor i request you my cousin sister vimala anne no children still she is forty years please pray in the Jesus name amen

Dear pastor praise the lord Jesus my cousin sister vimala anne48years still no children please pray her birth confirmed in the Jesus name amen


Thank you so much SIr.


Glory to God! He is alive forevermore


Thank you Pastor Sir we are growing in our Faith

Michael Uwaomah

Thank you pastor for this glorious insight into the word. God Bless you

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Olatoun Akib

Thank you sir.

Olatoun Akib

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Olatoun Akib

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Olatoun Akib

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Olatoun Akib

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Becks Artistry

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Thank you dear daddy Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD. Your words are EVERGREEN SIR. LOVE YOU DEARLY AND FOREVER.

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Pastor Emma Osoka

Wow! Those answers just came back alive. ..Thank you Pastor.

Tamunodobara Kala-ogolo

I just want to thank you so much Pastor for investing the word of God in me. Am grateful with so much love.


all i want to do is to worship and adore you as i lift my hands to you thank you Pastor sir

Pat Wisdom

I am very grateful Sir for this inspiring video. Thank you sir


I am very grateful for this inspiring video. Thank you sir

Adesina-ola Oludayo

Studying the Word is what I have to take seriously now which will spur me to pray Thank you for the answer. Very enlightening.


Wow! Thank you Daddy for such clarity and the understanding that you are giving us.


holy spirit holy spirit how i adore you who guides me in all things you who guides me in all things holy spirit how i love you thank you Pastor sir

Lade Crown


nana koranteng

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Barbara Emanuel

Praise the Lord! What are other "secrets"/principles to prosperity even if one has been faithfully paying their tithes for years (even more then 10% at times) and sow seeds into peoples lives (giving) and yet they do not see financial growth? God bless you all in Christ Jesus! Sincerely Sister Barbara from New Jersey, USA


my Heaven will be mine


Glory to God

Thuch Akol

Thanks you Pastor Chris for changing my life. (James 25:20) and may I learn from you Pastor, as a believer in Jesus Christ, when we die where is the awaiting place of believers?


Pastor, my name is dennis. I am from Port harcourt. I live and work in kenya. I have been healed from smoking hard drugs, Thanks and glory be to God almighty and Pastor Chris.


You are blessed from God. May God continue to protect and bless you more


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR , THE DICTIONARRY DID NOT CREATED THE WORD THAT i can qualify you but you are a gift to us a precious Gift the first time i saw you was this year in ghana and you say that after this meeting things who willl be happen in 10 year in our life it will happen this year and even my familly who was laughing at me because i travelled from CONGO brazaville just for that meeting in accra they now believed that you are a man of God because the miracle who happen this year in my life everybody are just praising god when they look at me i was in the last place in the compagnie but after the meeting now i am in the second place i am now after the CEO for a compagnie who have 380 workers ,words will not contain what i want to tell you but i love you ...and happy birthday.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR , THE DICTIONARY DID NOT CREATED THE WORD THAT I can qualify you but you are a gift to us; a precious Gift. The first time I saw you was this year in Ghana and you say that after this meeting things willl be happening in 10 year in our life. It will happen this year and even my familly who was laughing at me because I travelled from CONGO brazaville just for that meeting in Accra, they now believed that you are a man of God because the miracle has happened this year in my life. Everybody are just praising God when they look at me. I was in the last place in my company but after the meeting now, I am in the second place. I am now after the CEO of the company that have 380 workers. Words will not contain what I want to tell you but I love you ...and happy birthday.

Agbabiaka Gregory Olasunkanmi

Good morning sir and happy birthday to you in good health, in love,greater grace and righteousness. The Lord has made your life beautiful and as we see you, our lives are beautiful too


Thank you Pastor Sir

Swile from Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Pastor, Thank you for the ministry of the word at work in your life. Thank you for giving me a brand new life again. In June 2016, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and Systemic Lupus erythematosus, which are auto immune diseases that causes the body to attack itself. I had very painful joints all over my body. I had to like on medication daily, for the next 6 months, otherwise I would be unable to work or do anything. During the second day of the Partners Conference, you asked us to speak in tongues for 10 minutes. 10 minutes that will change destinies. After the prayers I started screaming in excitement, I knew I was free. Since that day, I have not felt any pain and have no need to take the pills again. I have not been able to stop telling people what God has done for me. I love you Pastor, Thank you. Sis Swile from Abuja, Nigeria

vijay raju

pastor chris

chiamaka gold

my life has really changed in five months tremendously, i was full of fear of the future, death, life and my family but God has proved through pastor chris i love him so much....... from unijos

leah nonato

Dear Pastor chris, warm greetings in the matchless name of the lord jesus christ. i would like to use this medium to thank you for all your words which have helped me to advance in life. i am a product of your messages and i have truly been changed and blessed. Thank you sir for making your life an example for others to follow.

leah nonato

Dear Pastor chris, warm greetings in the matchless name of the lord jesus christ. i would like to use this medium to thank you for all your words which have helped me to advance in life. i am a product of your messages and i have truly been changed and blessed. Thank you sir for making your life an example for others to follow.


I bls this ministry

Bolu Ogunseye

Dear Pastor Chris, I remember when I was in Lagos in 1998 and I stumble on the Man of God through atmosphere of miracle on television. Since that time I have not recover, My heart has glue to you. There is something that Holy Spirit always communicated to me through you. Your embodiment, gestures, manner of dressing, SIMPLICITY, pleasantness in answering rude questions, spirituality in handling of matters, radiating splendour of PEACE of CHRIST,excellence,giving validation to the WORD of TRUTH BY THE HOLY SPIRIT throuh miracles. THIS IS CHRISTIANITY ! There is something at work inside you and I know I shall be a partaker of this divine grace of God in you even as I comimmited myself to the instructions. God bless you sir.

Thembikosi Magagula

I became born again at the NOB 2016(SA). Before the NOB Ive tried so many things out and connections from the people in higher positions hoping they assist in helping me find a job but none of plans were successful. After being born again i could feel that i was different from the person i used to be such that i had peace from within though i was still unemployed. I spent most the time studying the Scripture, meditating on it, praying in spirit and i started seeing visions. Four months later i was invited for an interview and strangely enough i had a vision about that similar company, I got the permanent job. God is wonderful i must say.

Enogieru Ehis Gentle

Thanks for the explanation

Pastor Lade

Pastor, I love you very much!

Pastor Lade

Pastor Sir, am so grateful for the investment of the Word in my life all through this years


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