Vida Osei Ansah, in 2013, was a 34-year-old lady from Ghana who suffered from a terminal disease- cancer. In this episode of ‘HE TOUCHED ME ” we recount her fascinating tale of healing from terminal ovarian cancer (terminal ovarian malignancy), an incredible turnaround of health which she got when she attended the Healing School- an offshoot of the healing ministry of the anointed man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Vida had endured this condition whose symptoms started with painful menstrual flow which she ignored, believing that with the passage of time and the onset of motherhood, the pains would cease. Alas! That assumption bore no truth to it. She was constantly in pains even from 2009 when she eventually saw a gynecologist in Ghana about the situation. “He said I should do a test and I went to do the test. The test showed that I had cancerous cells and a lot of fibroid in me”.

She was recommended for surgery to remove the fibroids and the cancerous cells from her body.  Complications arose afterwards, with the onset of Ascites which appeared as the burgeoning of her abdomen. Vida had to make a number of visits to the hospital, precisely at three days’ intervals, to drain out water from her swollen abdomen, caused by the ascites.

Another surgery was scheduled to be done on her. However, what the doctors discovered as they opened her up to be operated on was too confounding to be explained. At best, they described the condition of her inner organs as ‘meshed’ as a result of the spreading cancer and nitric oxide in her system. They could not therefore proceed with the surgery. Chemotherapy was then prescribed as the next step in saving her life.

Already frustrated with the prognosis and the seemingly futile treatments, Vida opted out of the chemotherapy treatment and decided to come to the Healing School. At this point in her life, she was constantly in pain; pain in her abdomen, pain in her ribs, all over her back. She also had an ugly open sore on her abdomen that refused to heal.

Like the woman with the issue of blood who was recorded to have spent all her money on the doctors, Vida had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had and was nothing bettered but rather grew worse. She lost appetite for food and could no longer go to work. Broke and broken, stricken with cancer, but full of hope for a healing, Vida attended the Healing School with Pastor Chris where she had a divine encounter with the healing anointing on the man of God, Pastor Chris.

Months later, Vida was transformed from a sickly and dying woman to a vibrant, joyful testimony. She is now a picture of perfect health, perfected by the power of God! The open sore was healed and the cancer was completely gone, healed by the power and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

“I went back to the doctor and when the doctor saw me, he said no, no, no, it’s not you! I said, Doctor, it’s me!... And after, I did a scan and they never saw any cancer in me. They said there is no cancer in me again. The trace of the cancer is gone!” she gushes excitedly in the video as she testified.

You too can have the same divine encounter with the healing anointing of God, which transcends time, space and medium and is available to heal you right now, as you are being blessed by this testimony.Halleluyah!


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