Supernaturally Restored: Constance Nzanza's Testimony

Her testimony is a testament of the extraordinary, miracle working power of God. In 2004 and 2005 respectively she experienced great trauma and pain due to injuries that she had incurred in car accidents. Constance came for the Night of Bliss, in 2011, expectant for a change and she wasn’t disappointed. Her miracle is a definite pointer to what the Holy Ghost can do in a person’s life. Read her testimony here:

In 2004, I was involved in a car accident. I developed back injuries, which the doctor had diagnosed as reflex injury (RSD). Due to the injuries, I had to use a collar for lumber support. Yet again in 2005, I was in a taxi going to work doing night duty, I was seated at the back of the taxi and just after we’ve jumped the road bus, another taxi collided with the one I was in. I felt the effect of that collision in my lower back but I took it lightly. We were transferred to another taxi and I continued my journey to work.

It wasn’t until midnight that I felt the pains and I was sent to the casualty ward to be seen by the doctor. According to the doctors’, the X-rays that were taken showed no fractures; they ordered pain medications for me and then I was given some days to rest. Yet the lower part of my back was traumatized and this had resulted in spinal cord injury. I became unhappy as a result of this condition and this was especially because the infirmities that I suffered from had no medical solution.

I went to the doctor again and he ordered some pain medications. He sent me for physiotherapy and then I was put on chronic medication this time. Over time, my condition grew worse and life became difficult. Due to the pains that constantly plagued me, I could not carry out normal daily routines. It affected my work because most of the time I was absent from work. It also affected my family; it also cost me financially because I was no more myself. This continued until February, 2011. I was at work that morning; I had just arrived, then the pain came. I just stood there crying, I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t move until I was sent to casualty ward. When I heard about the Night of Bliss taking place at theFNB stadium South Africa with the man of God Pastor Chris, I had great expectations and during the meeting I had an encounter with the power of God.

I came with my son Given who was in front of me and my brother. I was put in-between them i.e. I was after brother Given and then my brother was after me. They tried to split my back between themselves; holding me in such a way that I could walk and hold them as well. The pain at that time was so severe but I told myself that this was my set time and I was going to receive my healing.

When Pastor Chris came on stage he sang the song “Halleluiah”. When he sang that song it was like the first time I heard that song even though I had known it all the days of my life because it made an impact on me. Immediately I started praying and thanking God for healing me because I told myself that I was healed already. I remembered telling my family at home before I came for the meeting these words: “You know what? I’m going to receive my healing in that stadium.”

When Pastor Chris held the microphone and stretched his hand as he said “Receive your healing”, it was like I saw it. I just jumped and took it and put it where I needed it. Something amazing happened as I was thanking God. I felt someone working on my spine from the neck to down to my waist. Today I know, but I didn’t know at that time who that someone was; but it was Holy Spirit and that was a spiritual healing. That night I even came forward to testify because I was healed and I didn’t need the collar for lumbar support any longer! Now I can bend over and can do all the things I couldn’t do since the accident in 2004!

Haleluia! Constance is still whole today! She is living absolutely free of pain and in sound health, all because of the loving touch of a loving God. So look away from your pain to Jesus, for the scriptures declare in Hebrews.13:5, 'Jesus Christ never changes! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (CEV)


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