Healed in His Foot! Young Daniel Commands His Miracle.

This is the unique story of Daniel Faith, who at the age of six suffered from fungal infection on his feet for over a year. This infection had made movement really difficult and was a major challenge for his mother, Naomi because a lot of times, she had to carry him. His mother testifies here, how her little boy received his miracle. Hear Daniel’s mother tell his story.

Daniel suffered from a fungal infection in his foot which resulted in constant itching. For, may be, over a year, his foot had really been hurting him. It had fungal infection, it was red and inflamed. Everywhere we went, I had to give him a ride. I had to carry him, because he was always taking off his socks and his shoes and scratching his foot. It was really uncomfortable. After a year in this agonizing state, I decided to bring Daniel for a meeting with Pastor Chris, hoping that he would receive divine healing.

I had put his shoes on his feet that night, and I had also looked at his feet. He was only 6 years old at that time. That evening, when I put his socks on, the skin was red and his foot was itchy. It was the last evening of the Higher Life conference with Pastor Chris, and 

he said that anyone that had any sickness in their body, should lay their hands on that part of the body. I was really surprised to look around and to see that Daniel himself was actually laying his own hands on his foot.

Pastor Chris had declared “Put your hands wherever you need a miracle.” Even as he spoke, miracles were happening and taking place all over the venue. Suddenly, he (Daniel) just turned to me and said to me, “Mum, I have been healed! I have been healed!” He said his foot was really warm and I asked him to let me see. So he took his socks and his shoes off and his foot was completely normal. And it has been normal ever since.

Glory to God! What an amazing miracle. God indeed is no respecter of persons and age is no barrier to him. Even now, that same glorious presence is bringing you the miracle you so earnestly desire. Like Daniel, you too can command your victory, and your testimony would be told of how 'He touched you'. Hallelujah!


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