Trauma Care International Foundation

Research has shown that the outcomes of emergencies and accidents are usually better when there is a skilled person on site to respond appropriately to the situation. In the event of a medical emergency, a person knowledgeable in first aid becomes more than a bystander; they become an invaluable support not only to victims, but also to emergency responders' and medical practitioners.

Despite the fact that there are medical centers, many people have lost their lives due to dearth of information on how to administer first aid once an accident occurs.

Since inception, Trauma Care International Foundation has been focused on our mission to improve the health status and life expectancy of local communities, nations and regions by promoting improved trauma care and emergency response services.

This we have achieved through health education, advocacy and community based programs while systematically positioning ourselves to provide support for national policies on trauma care.

Trauma Care International has executed over a thousand First aid, safety and Emergency Response trainings educating tens of thousands of School pupils, Law enforcement officers, Teachers, Caregivers and road transport workers. These trainings comprised of specialized lectures and practical demonstrations designed to further enhance the quality of emergency response provided.

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