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Baby Oluyito's Miracle

Baby Oluyito’s story is a remarkable story that perfectly describes the power in the Word. Born to his lovely parents barely a year after their marriage, His mother, Polazi, had discovered she was pregnant earlier and all seemed to be going well until suddenly the story changed. Read on as Oluyito’s Parents and Grandmother Share his amazing testimony.

HIS FATHER RECOUNTS: My son was born on the 29th of June 2012. Immediately he was born, he was operated upon and afterwards, was taken to ICU. This was as a result of complications during his birth. The condition had become so critical that it was difficult for me to see my  son. The following day, which was a Saturday, we (my wife and I) tried all we could to see him but they couldn’t allow us into the ward. On Sunday morning, the same thing happened.  Sunday afternoon, after much lobbying, it was agreed that only his mum and his grandmother would be allowed in, just to see him. Then came Monday, and whilst on our way to the hospital, I decided that we should pass by mum’s place because she is a prayerful woman. 

I thought to myself, “Maybe she could help us with words of encouragement”. And when we got to my mum’s place, she was praying! She knelt down in front of the TV praying along with Pastor Chris, whose program was on at the time. And as I entered the room, He gave a word about a child in the hospital with complications who had just been healed. Immediately I heard those words, I knew he was talking about my son. I and my mum jumped for joy, and we ran to the car to let my wife know about it. She too jumped for joy as well.  Right after that happened, we left the house knowing that we had heard great news. When we got to the hospital, my wife entered to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to find out that my son was not there!  The hospital attendants told us that they had moved him from ICU to the normal ward!!! 

It so happened that the same moment Pastor Chris was praying, the miracle was taking place, because it took us a couple of minutes (about ten minutes or so) to get to the hospital and when we did, we were told that he had just been moved. They didn’t say exactly how long ago it was, but they said “he’s just been moved from ICU to the wards.” They didn’t even have enough time to call the house to let us know that he had been moved; we had to find out ourselves! He is turning nine months now and he is all over the place. It's glorious and indeed God’s doing. 

The day my son was born, I was in pain because there were difficulties so they ended up cutting me up for him. It was done to save him but they took too long to get him out. He had swallowed his amniotic fluid, and that made it difficult for him to breathe. So he was admitted into the ICU from the moment he was born. The doctors had said they would try everything within their power but from the way it looked, there was really no sign nor the chance of survival for my baby. But today he is well and breathes normally, because God healed him through the prayers of the Man of God Pastor Chris. Now my little boy is healthy and he has never been to hospital since then. No sickness, no breathing problems, nothing is wrong with my baby at all! Haleluia

My grandson's condition was so critical that the mother was not even allowed to see the child. To breastfeed the child, she had to squeeze the breast milk into a feeding bottle. She did so for two days consecutively after the child was born.Out of pity, I went to negotiate with the hospital so that the mother can at least see the child, as nobody was allowed into the ICU. I already had lost hope of the child's survival but something inside told me, “No, there is a solution somewhere.” Then it came to my mind that there is a solution somewhere, so I switched on the television. I always watch this channel and as I switched it on, I came right upon Pastor Chris when he was praying for the sick. I put my hand on the television screen and I knelt down.  As He was praying, he just suddenly said, “There is a new born baby, a boy, who is in hospital critically ill, and has difficulty in breathing. The situation is bad but God has healed him right now.” As I heard that, I sprang up, rejoicing and the father of the child did the same, as he too had heard Pastor declare that word. Still rejoicing, we both ran to the car to meet Oluyito’s mother. When we got to the hospital, the child had just been taken out from the ICU. And the recovery was so fast, that by the next day, he was discharged, totally healed!  Glory to God! Now their joy knows no bound. What a miracle. Hallelujah! One word from God is all you need to change that situation. His power is available, and His word is quick and active, and never returns without fulfilling the purpose for which it was sent. Only believe and your miracle will be established, by the power in the Word. .


  • Sunil Samuel

    Dear pastor, please pray for my mother my father my wife My mother is admitted in hospital my father is old my wife is pregnant please pray for healing for all of them my brothers And their families And me my daughter also Sunil Samuel

  • M.B.Siemon

    I have been listing and watching all the videos and sermons of the man of God Pastor Chris and so inspired by him, I have completed my B.th and want to get down in ministry but I want Pastro Chris to pray for me and send me for ministry, I have recognised that God called me to serve him, therefore I want him to do my ordination for pastor 😭🙏🙏😭🙏🙏

  • Markus

    So beautiful, it gives so much joy when a child gets healed! A child should never get sick, never ever! They are so lovely!

  • Angalabiri Theophilus

    Wow I was blessed

  • Koudjo

    Thanks you Pastor Chris for your ministries and thank you for the opportunity you give us to be part of the Global Day of Prayer. As we were praying yesterday Pastor declares healings and the pain I was feeling in my left Chest is gone. I am healed . Praise God Thank you Pastor Chris

  • Greatness Mokane

    Dear Pastor my name is Greatness Mokane from South Africa .i had a pain on back of my head and in my stomach i receive my healing. .as you begin to pray i started to shake while watching Global Day of Prayer thank you so much Pastor the pain are gone

  • Rayanna Carr

    Greetings Pastor, So exciting! I was feeling terrible back pains at the top of my back throughout this week, especially during work. I have been tuned in to YourLoveworld and was told that their will be prayers of healing on the Sunday. I was looking forward to this and made sure to be available for it because I knew that I would receive my healing! While Pastor was praying for the sick, he mentioned someone with pain in the spine, back problems and I received that healing and instantly felt no pains in my back. Pastor said to move your back around and I did so, and been completely healed! Glory to God! Hallelujah.! Thank you Jesus!

  • charles ibubeleye

    July 3,2020 Dear Pastor Chris, I am a young man of age 32; I got born again and filled with the Holy Ghost at (what is now) Christ Embassy Ministry Center, Port Harcourt. For the 8 months that followed , I noticed that I made astronomical spiritual progress(development) as I got high revelations of God’s word every time I listened your messages and read my Rhapsody of Realities( I also noticed that I had cultivated the habit of speaking in tongues all the time - even while walking on the streets). Not long afterward, however (due to unavoidable reasons), I could not attend any church service and also stopped speaking in tongues for the next about 1 Month( I can estimate that the total amount of time I spent speaking or praying in tongues for the entire 1 month period was not up to 5 minutes). After this period of about 1 month I resumed church services and speaking in other tongues but noticed that I was now no longer operating from my highest – attained level of faith (my most holy faith): I noticed that most times I forget the word of God I had previously heard and thus do not do them (this was not the case in the one month preceding this time); especially evident to me is the fact that I feel guilty sometimes for doing things that I felt no guilt at all for doing in the previous 1 month period (since I really understood the righteousness message – I had very high revelation knowledge of righteousness); these experiences have been my lot for the past thirteen years now (even though I still remember in head that message on righteousness). In your book (The Power of tongues), you said that if we want to operate from our most holy faith we should speak consistently in tongues. I have been doing this for the past 9 years now; please Sir, I want you to teach me through the word of God what else I can so that I can speedily start operating from my most holy faith (I ask this because I know that all I would ever need in my life are wrapped up in the word of God). Finally Sir, I am fully aware of the fact you are very busy man and thus I know that there is a high probability that you would not even get to read my letter, not to talk of responding to it within a short period of time but it is not out of the knowledge of probability but out of faith that I am expecting you to respond to my letter within a short period of time. I await your response in heightened expectation; UNDERNEATH IS MY CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: (08035457274) Thank you for your anticipated positive response. Sincerely, Charles Ibubeleye Port Harcourt, Nigeria CONTACT PHONE No: 08035457274 IF THIS LETTER IS INITIALLY HANDLED BY ANY PERSON OTHER THAN PASTOR CHRIS, I HUMBLY AND PLEADINGLY REQUEST THAT IT BE RELAYED ALONG TO PASTOR CHRIS.

  • Koudjo

    Thanks God for Pastor Chris. I was watching an episode of Atmosphere of Miracles, at the end when Pastor Chris was praying for people, I put my hands on my belly coz I was feeling some pains. Suddenly my left arm starts shacking and I can tell things have changed. I felt a warm sensation in my whole body. I am well now by the Power of God. Thanks God for Pastor Chris. Glorrry

  • Vivian Okoh

    Glory!!! I just received healing in my left eye!!! Halleluyah Praise The Lord!!!


    THE REVELATION I GOT  DURING THE TWO WEEKS PRAYER AND FASTING WITH PASTOR CHRIS. Dear pastor, my name is Colesia Ebong a Cameroonian residing in UAE. During the two weeks of prayer and fasting with Pastor Chris, I got three revelations concerning the coming of Christ. first week day 4, Pastor Chris visited me and held my hands asking me to go for evangelism with him, we left immediately running. We got to a hospital and saw a crowd crying over a lady who just pass away with covic- 19. We got to the compound and we asked to see the ladies corps, they almost refuse because of the illness, but we were led in, Pastor prayed and we left and the lady start coughing after we left. They run behind us to know who pastor was but no one knew him accept me. It was that same time pastor declared that covic 19 is death. Glory to God. On Saturday during the two days break, I saw a  big TV in the sky moving and I started running towards it to read what was written on it, it writes, { I am the Lord your God , tell the untold that my coming is near, tell everyone you meet, suddenly in front of the TV, the sky turn blue and the angels were planting corn saying expert a great harvest and tell who so ever have not planted before should do so with immediate effect blc, there is going to harvest in abundance. Who so ever will want to doubt you, tell them to search the answers in the book of Isaiah, everything is inside.}   After Easter evening service in the early hour of the morning, an angel opened a Bible in front of me and ask me to read Isaiah 25. I got up prayed and read Isaiah 25 but did not actually understand. So I got to one of my pastors, Pastor Kingsley and I he gave me a better understanding of the said scripture and gave me guide lines on how to handle things. I want to thank the Man of God Pastor Christ for the season of prayer and fasting. Victory is ours and we have taken over. I thank God for loveworld ministry blc we get the right teaching and revelations from God.

  • Favor Adebowale

    I was really blessed watching this testimony, I thank God for healing my chest during the fasting and Prayer life broadcast, An greatful to God. I want God to heal my wife whom the Doctor said she might have to do a surgery on a similar issue she just testify about. Thank you Jesus

  • Favor Adebowale

    Glory to God, There is no impossibility with Him

  • Ogbutah Sydney

    Good Evening Pastor, Am grate for this opportunity Sir. I have a testimony Sir, I usually have difficulty when swallowing most times, I have gone for scan and test but they have not found anything in my throat Sir since 2015, so I just pray, give and forgot about it Sir. Just at the close of service I was just waiting for the service to finish,thereafter I joined the prayer for this sick at the end of the prayer. The last case you said someone who had a growth in the throat( a man )and difficulty in swallowing, who was not expecting a miracle. So I decided to recieve and I suddenly started to feel a movement in my throat and I felt cool breeze in my throat, all signs were gone.. Thank You Pastor, am grateful for this global prayer. Praise God

  • s shaibal kumar

    Dear Brother , Thanks for your prayers by which I received healing and was fine yesterday.I request you to kindly continue to pray for my good health as again I am feeling dizziness,weakness,acidity and pain in my chest, causing anxiety,that our Lord Jesus heal me completely and all tests come normal for his testimony and glory and keep me in good health. Thanking you, Shaibal Kumar Mumbai,India

  • Lizzy Sarimiye

    Am so blessed pastor sir, with the Word of God that you share with us. Love you pastor.


    ooh thank you Jesus for the life of pastor Chris oyakhilome. you are a wonder lord. am just satisfied hearing people share their testimonies as to how the lord has transformed their lives through the man of God, pastor Chris. halleluiah

  • Sunil Samuel


  • Seyi


  • ajit d

    In the month of Jan2018 I prayed for My immigration file to be nominated/approval, which was very difficult to get because of lot of skilled applicant on waiting list, whereas my application was simple and less skilled as compare to other, but by grace of GOD I got Province Nomination certificate, During my PNP immigration process time I was praying frequently with lot of faith on God’s word. In every stage of my PNP filling process, I Got Holy spirit vision and guideline, during that time I experienced a lot of God’s Love and Grace on my application file. Thanks to our Savior God Jesus, its Tremendous Miracle happened in my life, which was impossible to get PNP Nomination during this difficult time.

  • Karyn

    The Integrity of the Word in my life My testimony is based on a prophecy released by Our Man of God- Pastor Chris some years back. In the prophecy, he said, " through the transportation of the Holy Spirit, God can take you to that place that seems naturally impossible for you to get to" I received this prophecy into my spirit; and I have been propelled into actions that can only be by the Spirit, such that I live in the reality of what God has spoken concerning me. Everyday of my life is not enough to thank God for this great blessing . God has exalted me beyond my wildest imagination; such that my affirmation has become "the Word is on a mission in my life" Brethren, the Holy Spirit is our unparalleled advantage. The only way to fulfil our purpose is to be yielded and stay attuned to the Holy Spirit always.

  • remilekun banire

    i am happy to be a member of Christ embassy

  • Dawn Williams-Harrison

    I watch Pastor Chris everyday and take notes and proclaim the words of God. The anointing of the words are powerful. I definitely feel my foot washing with the words. Plus I am healed from blood pressure and thyroid imbalance. Thanks be to God.

  • John

    This is a wonderful miracle.My faith has been lifted up and I am receiving a miracle from God for my health condition as well. GOD is wonderfully faithful.

  • Kerishni august

    Praise the Lord all my soul

  • Remember

    God is able...I also believe I am receiving my healing.

  • Gemma Mukandekezi

    Ohhh. My God, you are great and full of power. Thank you I bow before you

  • Elong Gola Lartey

    I am flourishing in this year of flourishing. My business is flourishing since the year begun, my christian life is increasing. Glory to God.

  • Elias

    Dear Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I would like to thank the Almighty God who gave you the Holy Spirit to win many souls all over the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have grown significantly spiritually because of the Gospel of Christ that you are teaching. God bless you more and more! Amen



  • tejumade oyakhilome

    I pay my tithes ad Jesus blessed it continually.

  • tejumade oyakhilome

    i pay tithes ad jesus blesed it continually.

  • Peter Henry Kamanda

    Pastor, I thank God for his miracles in my life last night .I used to follow you at YouTube read some of your massages and follow the instructions. Pastor, I born with a sickness called pale, when ever I am going to toilet my intestinal will come out and I have to force it in. This days I downloaded "fight the good fight of faith" I carried out the instructions and put it to action,and eventually, I started confessing and expressing my faith,then finally it stopped and I am feeling relieved. I said to myself, testify this miracle that you are touching lives around the world,thank you pastor. pray for me please.

  • Peter Henry Kamanda

    Pastor, I thank God for his miracles in my life last night .I used to follow you at YouTube read some of your massages and follow the instructions. Pastor, I born with a sickness called pale, when ever I am going to toilet my intestinal will come out

  • Swile from Abuja, Nigeria

    Dear Pastor, Thank you for the ministry of the word at work in your life. Thank you for giving me a brand new life again. In June 2016, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and Systemic Lupus erythematosus, which are auto immune diseases that causes the body to attack itself. I had very painful joints all over my body. I had to like on medication daily, for the next 6 months, otherwise I would be unable to work or do anything. During the second day of the Partners Conference, you asked us to speak in tongues for 10 minutes. 10 minutes that will change destinies. After the prayers I started screaming in excitement, I knew I was free. Since that day, I have not felt any pain and have no need to take the pills again. I have not been able to stop telling people what God has done for me. I love you Pastor, Thank you.

  • Cecil Sam Koshy

    Dear Pastor , I am writing this mail from Chicago. I am a Pastor. I used to watch your YouTube videos. Everyday I watch the same video where you demonstrate the power of God in your shadow, it inspires me a lot. Can I get a chance to come and meet you for a prayer for a very special anointing. Thanks. God Bless you.

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