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Happening Live: June 2024 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris


  • Zahra

    Hello Chris. I want you to pray for my brother to be healthy again and survive from mental illness .God bless you

  • Owusu emmanuel

    God bless you Pastor

  • Ayodele tope Emmanuel

    Joining the love world family was the best thing that has happen to me this year... Thanks so muck sir.


    Thank you dear Pastor sir, I love you dearly sir, Am so blessed

  • Ile-epo centre, ce lvz

    We have 12 participants here

  • Prince Codjoe

    Glory, Halleluyah!!!

  • Vera Justice

    Tanx God

  • Vera justice

    Tanx great man of God

  • Chi sidonie

    We make tremendous power available today all over the world.

  • Batholomew ijok

    Thank u sir for this opportunity. am having an headeck that has defy all medications for weeks now but for being opportune to be here today I believe with faith that today will mark the end of this headeck in Jesus name Amen. am going to give my testimony.

  • Gloria SUnday

    I Love Pastor Chris

  • Precious Ugochukwu

    Thank you pastor Chris you are blessing to our world. Thank you for saying yes to this call.

  • Thankgod mark king

    Good evening pastor sir, thank you pastor sir for being a great joy and a mentor to us all I love you sir. Sir i heard many of your teachings on grace and it has blessed me going through my Rhapsody I discovered you said in acts 3:3 that Peter place a demand on grace. Pastor sir I want you to explain it for me do we place a demand on grace???

  • Thankgod mark king

    Good evening pastor sir, thank you pastor sir for being a great joy and a mentor to us all I love you sir. Sir i heard many of your teachings on grace and it has blessed me going through my Rhapsody I discovered you said in acts 3:3 that Peter place a demand on grace. Pastor sir I want you to explain it for me do we place a demand on grace???

  • Cynthia

    Thank you Pastor for teaching me the Word, I love you. I would love to know how to minister the Gospel to someone who has dementia. Thank you sir.

  • Sunday meigha

    I amblessed with healing steams

  • Priscila Santos

    Thank God for your loveworlod, day prayer global world, wonderful, marvelous, glory to God for the live pray A thon, amen, aleluia. i acompany together here in Brazil, praying in tongues, together in this great move and anointing. thanks. go on, go on, every day there is a reward for this work of prayer in the spirit. amen.

  • Tracy

    Dear Pastor Chris, There are a lot of single Christian women, who have been waiting for their significant other for years. Some have even died while waiting. Can you please tell us whether the church which will be raptured, once they come back to earth with Christ, will they be able to marry and have children to make up for loss opportunities?

  • Cassandra Stephen-Brai

    Thank God for your loveworld.i was healed of breast pain and the lumps on my breast also disappeared as the man of God prayed for the sick . To God be the glory

  • Kevine Christal

    Thank you so much Pastor for your teachings,may God grant you more and more boldness to share His word all over the nations.I want to testify of the goodness of the Lord .As Pastor was praying against the spirit of pain and spirit of infirmity today at the end of the program the pain I was feeling in my breasts left immediately,gloooorrryyyy

  • Mary shila john

    Thank you pastor sir for always filling us with word of power , thank you because I know am healed no more ulcer and every other pain in my tummy is gone Glory ............

  • Pariya

    Hi Chris, I am an Iranian fairy, I am 20 years old, I have diabetes and I have been using insulin for about ten years. I ask God and you to help me cure diabetes

  • George

    Thank you Pastor for setting up this platform. Please explain the Scripture in 1 timothy 3:12. Will a man with 2 wives go to Heaven? If No, what do u advise sir.

  • Nhyiraba

    Thank you Pastor Chris Sir, for teaching us the word of God. I love you Sir. Please Sir, I would like to kindly know, "Why did God, whose word speaks about unity and being equally yoked cause misunderstanding and division within the people of Babel?" Thank you Pastor Sir.

  • Nhyiraba

    W Thank you Pastor Chris Sir, for teaching us the word of God. I love you Sir. Why did God, whose word speaks about unity and being equally yoked cause misunderstanding and division within the people of Babel?

  • Chiagoziem

    My name is Chiagoziem , I am 10 years old and I want to ask you a question. If you put a chip in your left hand is it considered as the mark of the beast .

  • Adekunle woyinkuro

    I got healed in my eyes and my waist glorrryy Thank you Lord

  • Gabriel

    Hello pastor please I want you to help me out on this. I want the Lord to anoint me. I want to have a Prophet eye.

  • Eli Avickson

    God bless you Pastor Chris for the word of God which you proclaim to the world always.

  • Austin Onojaife

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!! I Love You Pastor Chris. Praise God!!!

  • Oben Yves

    some people say that JESUS was created by GOD before the world began is that true because the bible refers to him as the first born of creation and other say that JESUS IS GOD i am confused here please help me

  • shiynyuy justice

    God bless you pastor chris

  • Simeon Yakubu

    Just came across these prayers today and am so blessed! To God be the glory

  • Charles Nosakhare Aghedo

    Dear Pastor Chris, I heard you say that when you cast out devils, you have to reassign them. Please where do you reassign them to? Is it to hell?

  • chantal louis

    I need prayer of deliverance and feeling stuck.

  • Ijeoma Akande

    I am most grateful to God for his love and and mercies towards us. Thank you so much Pastor Chris for all that you have been doing for us and for the body of Christ. Thank you for the teachings of the word of God, enlightening our spirit and for building our faith strong in times like these. I want to share my testimony of healing during the just concluded Your Loveworld, Season 2 Phase 4. For over 2months now, I had been having severe pains in my fingers and feet, and tightness in my chest that moves up and down my upper body. I could not explain this feelings and refused to go to hospital for diagnosis, but I kept declaring the word of God over my body. Today, when our man of God prayed for the sick, I received healing into my body and I know that I am healed by the power of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name. Amen! Praise the Lord! I am made whole, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen! Thank you so much dear Pastor. I love you so much. God bless you.

  • Peter Prince

    Thank you God, for my healing and the divine life given to me. For loving me more than I could love myself! My life belongs to you 🖤

  • Edokpolor juliet

    Good evening pastor sir Thank you for what you are doing sir God bless you and strengthening you sir I love you pastor Thank you sir

  • Br Thami Christ Ambassador

    Beloved Pastor Chris and beloved Pastors in the panel. Sir is its right for the Christian to support or invest in Cryptocurrency and bitcoins Few Weeks ago you were talking about Antichrist(666) and Cryptocurrency. I see many young people are in this business and they are doing lot of money. Thank you Sir.

  • Kristine

    Good evening pastor. Please pray for schools to resume!

  • Wanda

    I truly have gained a greater insight of he Word of God, your teaching with wisdom and knowledge and how you break the Word down for understanding and clarity to the listener. You teach with such passion from the Holy Spirit . I am born again filled believer of the Gospel of the Almighty God. Thank you , for a greater understanding of the scriptures, I have appreciated all.

  • Gifty

    Thank you pastor for all the teachings sir. God bless you sir for the meaning you have given to my life.

  • Charles Nosakhare Aghedo

    Pastor Chris thank you so much for your teaching. I know there are other people like me who would like to be able access both current and past messages. Have you thought of developing a media streaming site like Netflix which could be supported by paid subscription?

  • Ananymous

    Glory be unto the mighty Lord

  • Christina

    Dear pastor chris, my question is, if a girl(non Christian) fall in love with man who is already married also he is not christian but now girl is born again still she love him alot and and dont want to leave him.. What should do in this case...

  • Grace Chilufya

    Thank you Pastor Chris for your love and obedience to the work of the minstry I am 14 years have been feeling a heaviness in my head and discomfort in my ears and chest for some time now but when the word was ministered I received my miracle and I am healed today

  • Pastor Kenechukwu Okoye

    Good day pastor sir, I am so grateful for the opportunity to ask questions, sir I am 10 years old so this shows children can do anything, Anyway pastor my question is, " what role will Africa play in the end time, especially Nigeria."

  • Arnold

    Thank you for the word... Just a question what does being born again of water and spirit mean..i have read lots of commentaries on this some of which say we need to be born of a repentant heart as per which the ministry of John was

  • Myra Manawar

    Dear Prayer Warriors, I am writing to request prayer for my mama, Rakhil Manawar, she was diagnosed with Complete Heart Block last Sunday and suggested a pacemaker. The procedure is done but she is weak and anti-biotics are causing her trouble. She is diabetic with a history of Hep C. Please keep in prayers and forward my prayer request within in social circle and church, I am praying for a miracle in our lives through her complete healing in Jesus name, Amen Love and Regards, Myra

  • Keziah

    Thank you pastor Chris for this opportunity to ask questions 2John5:6 says that Jesus Christ came by water and blood..what does the water stand for? Does it mean the spirit of God? For Verses 8 says that there are three that bear witness in earth,the spirit, and the water,and the blood ,and these three agree....This made me doubt my answer that the water means the spirit of God please Expound on it. Thanks

  • Vîcëkîñg

    thank you pastor Chris for giving my life a meaning

  • Dylan Mberi

    Pastor I believe yesterday you talked about us being held accountability of not bringing the gospel to many . I came across a scripture in James 3:1 Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. May you please explain what the the verse mean ?

  • Pastor Isoken

    Thank you so much for teaching us the word in earnest, you are truly the pastor of all Nations

  • Vivian Omodiagbe

    I love your message

  • Vivian Omodiagbe



    Thank you, sir You are a blessings to me and generation yet unborn and at the sometime like God to me. AMEN

  • Favour

    Can I have the audio link for the service

  • Betty Pianim

    I am so blessed by the teachings of my dear man of God pastor Chris

  • Grace Akuba

    Love you pastor sir thank you for saying yes to the call of God

  • Anne Senel

    Shalom, Thank you Pastor Chris teaching the Word and making it alive ! I have been watching Global prayer for 7th week- every evening in Finland at TV 7 plus. Thank you and bless you and your family and the team. Teaching has opened my eyes and ears and my heart ! Praying for teaching to continue in the future- so important! You are chosen by The Lord, such a time as this 2020! Blessings, Anne

  • Onubuku

    Pastor Chris what if you adopt a baby and the baby mothere is a Muslim. What would happen

  • Ejiro

    Thank you pastor for your teaching,and thanks for prayer for us today .... I have been having headache and chest pain for a while and when you mention someone with a neck pain....I believe am healed pastor thanks so much for prayer for us My testimony is permanent hallelujah 🙏🙏🙌

  • Ebube Chiedozie

    I am 11 years and I had neck pain and as pastor was praying I received my healing

  • Geoffrey Connor

    We are the powers that be.picture of corona virus and 5G tower on the UK twenty pound note."hidden in plain sight."

  • Joel-Baytops

    Thank you so much for lovewold poster Chris. I had a good time praying and loving I love you all God bless.

  • Geoffrey Connor

    Thank you pastor Chris.You,through the HOLY SPIRIT are bringing healing to the whole world GLORY HALLELUJAH

  • Ogochukwu

    Thank you dear pastor. We love you sincerely. Thank you for sharing with us the word of God.💙💙💙💙💙❤😄😄😍😍

  • Ogochukwu

    Thank you dear pastor . We love you dearly🖤❤❤❤💛💛💛💙😍😍😍😄😄

  • Joy Edosomwan

    Good evening pastor. I was healed of magria headache and stomach pain. Thank u pastor.

  • Divine Omoleme

    Praise God! I felt a sharp pain under my left breast that continued for a few days, but Pastor prayed for us and commanded the pain to go. immediately, the pain left my body! Hallelujah!

  • Chuma

    Lat week during the prayer and fasting, i had been feeling an uncomfortable feeling on my the right side of my stomach. As we prayed that day, Pastor Deola said that pain in your right side is gone. I said amen, knowing she was talking to me. I realized going from that day till date, that discomfort is gone and never to return. I THANK THE LORD JESUS GREATLY. I REJOICE IN HIM WITH JOY UNPEAKABLE, I CANT THANK HIM ENOUGH. PRAISE JESUS. I PRAISE GOD.

  • Chuma

    Lat week during the prayer and fasting, i had been feeling an uncomfortable feeling on my the right side of my stomach. As we prayed that day, Pastor Deola said that pain in your right side is gone. I said amen, knowing she was talking to me. I realized going from that day till date, that discomfort is gone and never to return. I THANK THE LORD JESUS GREATLY. I REJOICE IN HIM WITH JOY UNPEAKABLE, I CANT THANK HIM ENOUGH. PRAISE JESUS. I PRAISE GOD.

  • Pres Cribe

    Thank you Pastor

  • Afolabi Anigilaje

    Glory! Glory! Glory to God! Thank you Pastor for the privilege of participating in the Global Prayer and Fasting programme. I have a testimony: while the esteemed Pastor Deola prayed for healings in the Evening session yesterday, I received a miracle: a part of my skin just below my neck had a bruise-like condition that had persisted for years now (so long that I even disregarded it) but not again. While she prayed, I received healing for it. Hallelujah!

  • Tayo Agbona


  • Braydon Ricks

    I know at least 1 person is reading this right now, and I tell you please pray for me, so I can receive the Holy Spirit! In the NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!!

  • Phichol Bassey

    Thank you so much Pastor Sir for such a time as this to interceed and make changes all around the World. I went out to play football with friends some months ago, I fell on my left arm and this resulted to pains, from my elbow to my shoulder. I took different pain relief but nothing happened. Yesterday during the Global Praying and Fasting Evening Session, Esteemed Pastor Deola declared healing to someone experiencing pains on the left arm and Immediately I received my healing. Halleluya. For the first time in months, I slept peacefully without any pain. Glory to God. Bro Phichol B.

  • Kennedy Kabwe

    Hello Pastor Christ, trust in God that you are blessed . First Man of God thank you for spreading the gospel and truly many souls are being won for Christ .I am a Zambian student in China and I recently rededicated my life to Christ and to live for him alone .Through your platform I have learnt a lot and still learning more during this time .Pastor Chris you mention books than can really help one grow and have an effective prayer life ....Praying the right way , now that I’m born again and How to pray effectively. Man of God I would be truly grateful if you can grant my wish and have these awesome books as pdf as I believe they can truly blessed and help me in my journey to live for Christ in these end times . And one more thing ever seen I started following you I have always admired your tongues and how you pray in the spirit I have always wanted to receive tongues and pray in tongues for I have read in the Bible [1 Corinthians 14:4] He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but He that prophesieth edifieth the church. I want to start speaking in tongues Man of God please help me . My contacts +8618295578369 Your positive response will be highly appreciated God bless you

  • Ebiye Ebianga

    Thank you Pastor sir

  • Ebiye Ebianga


  • Chinwe

    Dear Pastor Chris, I thank you for your obedience to the spirit of God in bringing the word of God to us in these last days. A few weeks ago, during these series of programs, I felt a persistent pain in a certain part of my body. When you prayed for the sick, I keyed in and was healed. There was a counter attack but through faith it was dealt with. Glory to God hallelujah.

  • Favour A

    I testify to the glory of God that when prayers were made, pastor Deola mentioned my health challenge and immediately I received my healing. Glorrrrryyyyyyyyy to God. My blood pressure is normal in Jesus name Amen . Thank you dear Pastor Sir.

  • Juliana

    Thank you pastor Chris, you are amazing more empowerment from heaven God bless you Amen Hallelujah

  • Paesat Services

    God bless You!

  • Nnah Chris chiweta

    I love this program

  • Veronica owan

    Thank you pastor for your investment in my life

  • Koudjo

    Dear Pastor Thank you for your love and care, as you prayed yesterday the pain in my right knew is gone, this morning there is no pain anymore. Thank you for educating us about the use of our faith on a daily basis.

  • Hyacinth Victoria Chisom

    My mum got healed of an operation turmor she had since over 23 years after child bearing and I got healed of a blood disease or infection... GLORY TO GOD... HALLELUYAH...

  • Itamah Monica

    Thank you very much Pastor for building our faith up so strong.... We are not afraid of anything or anyone!

  • Matthew bright

    Thank you pastor Sir, i love you so much

  • Dena Edenojie

    I am immensely blessed by your ministrations dear Pastor Chris. God bless and keep you sir as you spread His holy Word to us and help us stay alert and watchful sir. We are overcomers because we have the Spirit of God in us. Glory to God. I love you very much Pastor.

  • Anita Upīte

    Hello partor Chris! Thank you for leading us to prayer and teaching us. We in Finland also are with all saints and we will win together with our Lord Jesus! Be blessed and see you on Heaven! Anita

  • Xica

    Pastor during the 1000years was the mark of the beast still be there

  • Kelvin

    Thank u pastor sir, today service was awesome I was blessed abundantly

  • Ifeanyichukwu Andrea Oshiojum

    Thank you pastor Chris sir. God bless u more and more in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • Francis Patrick

    Pastor I want to say a big thank you for the teachings especially these last four weeks,how you are able to tie up and link of scriptures from Revelation back to the old testament and back to the new teastment sir it amazing sir, please it more of a request sir is there a way we could get a better view of the display screen so that one could take a proper shot of the screen when am studying sir

  • Odiase efe joy

    Thank you for inparting my life and opening up new door to see the truth

  • Christopher Venter

    Dear Pastor, What language will we speak in heaven? Sincerely, Christopher (12 yrs old)

  • Moyo

    Hello Pastor Chris I love you so much My question is, where is Lucifer spiritual or physical location according to scriptures?

  • Sheambom Nelson

    Thank you so much esteemed Pastor Chris! Brother Sheambom Nelson, Cameroon. My question is about the 1000years that Jesus Christ and those raptures will be on earth. Will there be other persons on Earth or only those in Christ?

  • Nduwayo Stanley

    Praise God Pastor Sir, i would like to know where will be New Jerusalem in the earth or in heaven? Thank pastor sir

  • Isaiahighagbon

    Thank you pastor sir I love you so much

  • Sis Jennifer

    Thank you pastor sir for the insightful teachings. God bless you

  • Sihle

    Good day Pastor sir Thank you for teaching us the word. My question is when we come back to Rule the world with CHRIST are we going to still remember our families? And if Jesus is going to be in Jerusalem where will we do staying?

  • Hallowell Osaruona

    According to dispensationalists, does the "secret rapture" include a bodily resurrection and new earth?

  • Phiwo

    Love you man of God

  • Japhet Sonu

    Dear Pastor Sir, I want participate in the prayer chain, everyday from 10:00 to 10:30pm

  • Ann Marie carty

    I would like to join prayers at 2:00pm

  • Ovidiu

    Dear Pastor Chris, I have a question for you: if someone has found and accepted Jesus in their lives, but they do not speak in other tongues, can they still enter the Kingdom of God?

  • TChristian

    The man send by God to save our lives and he did it with every means possible to make sure I am saved through his teachings. Because of your works Pastor Chris I am also saved and going to heaven. Thank you my father may your rewards in heaven be more more and more in Jesus name... Thank you Dad

  • Lucky Segabutla

    Good evening pastor Chris I’m truly great full for this opportunity. My question is when a couple marries through only a ritual ceremony and doesn’t sign any documents with department of home affairs nor do they get blessed at the altar. In Gods eyes are they considered as married or as one? Secondly if they break up after this and go into different ways and end up meeting another partner and they decide to get married correctly, is this couple then committing adultery in the eyes of the Lord. Thirdly can you please explain dating and how do you end up being the perfect couple to get married just that whole process please . Thank you

  • Deborah Baldrey

    Praise the Lord Pastor, Thank you for the wonderful messages you keep sharing with us daily at this time. My question is: I am 22 years old, a born Believer, i spend alot of time with the word of God, but there are many temptations in the world which i have to face at my workplace and i find it difficult to overcome them and i want to know how to be Godly wise enough at work to overcome the temptations and help sharing the gospel in return to my colleagues for them to know the truth. And my other question is whether should i keep answering an Atheist on the questions he asks on God, though he always contradicts it by his knowledge on science but still demands me to answer him?

  • George W

    Thank you Pastor Chris for blessed me and the world, I love the boldness you are a good leader. Now my Question. I have read the book of Enoch and I see a lot of consistency with the rest of the book esply in the prophesies. 1. Why is the book not apart of the Bible? Is it okay for a Christian to read it. 2. The watcher (the Holy Angels) talked about in the book are thy useful to a New Testament Christian today?

  • Temi

    Yess Pastor!!! We’re working.

  • Kingsley Daniel

    Good evening from here Pastor. Please my question might sound a bit off topic but please I need a clearer direction. A from a tribe in Nigeria that is been oppressed by the other tribes that have the Government under their control, now a move is in force to pull us out of the Federation due to all the killings and even attacks on us due to our spiritual beliefs as Christians. Should I also support for this separation, or should I pray for change in the government or is this all just part of end time distractions?

  • Rose

    Good evening Pastor, I am 14 and I want to ask, how can I build a connection with God ?

  • Adegbenro Temi

    We are as BOLD as lions Dear Pastor! We are very ready! Thank you for BUILDING us with indomitable words of God over time. We are not like them who prepare in battle; we have been prepared since. Our faith is alive; and as we surge into this "era", "era" of Glory from Victories, our faith bursts forth in and with greater "quantum". I love you Sir

  • Sis Jennifer

    Thank you pastor sir. God bless you Gloryyy I receive my healing in Jesus name

  • Jerry

    Thank you pastor for accepting the call to prepare the body of Christ for the rapture.

  • Dexterous ovie

    Glory to God forevermore. Am so blessed

  • Shalom

    May your name be exhaulted Lord, thank you pastor for your teaching and making me understand the word of God

  • Delight

    Dear Pastor, thank you for all that you’re doing for the ministry of Christ in the earth. I love you. Please how do I knowww when I’m ready for the first flight because I really don’t know and I do not want to miss it.

  • Grace Agbontaen

    Thank you Pastor for your teachings, I am ALWAYS tremendously blessed. I love you greatly Sir.

  • Jerry

    I love you pastor. Thank you for being a blessing to this generation.

  • Iloye

    Thank you sir for all your teaching... They are mind opening for a growing believer. God bless you

  • Siyona chakranarayan

    Praise God pastor Chris love u sir, thanku for teaching us the real word of God .i want to ask a question. If a person is dying in front of you and he is at the last moment of life and is not a christian. Can we take a confession prayer from him to believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord.. Inspite of his physical condition that is deteriorating so that his soul could be saved.

  • Esther Eddy Okokhue

    Thank You Pastor Sir. I love You so much!

  • Rukevwe

    Been believing for a reversal of a case of Longsightedness, noticed a insignificant improvement since Pst prayed last week. Rarely needing glasses now. Praise the Lord.


    Oh Glory to God, I received healing from fungal infections in Jesus Name. Thank you Pastor Sir!

  • ntow micheal

    This section was AWESOME

  • Tobi

    I spoke in tongues for the first time and I feel blessed

  • Chuma

    As Pastor prayed yesterday, the feeling of headache i felt suddenly disappeared; also the ache in my bum disappeared. I praise and thank God profusely.

  • Attah jkc sabo

    Thank you pastor for your love and heart for God. My question is from the book of Isaiah 26:20 and it says come my people enter thou into thy chambers and shut thy doors about thee hide thy self as it were for a little moment until the indignation be overpast. Now my question is: Is the world experiencing the wroth of God as a result of their sins Thank you sir

  • Leramoh Emmanuel

    Pastor Chris, in one of your books you made mention of how people didn’t get any answers to their prayers because they were praying the wrong way!. Asides from praying to God in the name of Jesus, does mentioning the different names of God depending on the prayer points have any impact.

  • Rebecca Malcolm-Marsh

    In London they are no spirit filled churches, the people are discouraged. How do we know if a church is directed by God? Many people want to go to church but they are discouraged because they are not taught the truth. What shall we do?

  • Pastor Awaridhe Isaiah

    Pastor Sir, Thank you for been Gods voice at such a time like this. Truly The Unifying Icon of the Body of Christ in our time! Thank you my Pastor..

  • Pastor Awaridhe Isaiah

    Where would I have been if not for you Pastor Sir. You have led us triumphantly at a time the world needed a voice from God... I love you Pastor

  • Ikporo Joy


  • Joshua Divine Lovenson

    Thank you Pastor Sir for the insights. I love you so dearly Pastor Sir. #CeAccraGhanaZone #CeTutuka #Ghana

  • Bro Favour Mamud


  • Pastor Richard Turner

    Glory glory Glory! So full of insight. The m you so much pastor sir. I love you dearly.

  • Yvonne

    I thank God for placing me at the right at the right time to gain the knowledge of the end times. I will surely influence my world for the better and help to bring many unto righteousness. God bless you Pst Chris and your wonderful family!

  • Joshua

    Thank you pastor sir During the prayers pastor prayed for me having trouble of the heart am heal now by the power of the Holy Spirit am free thank you Jesus Amen Hallelujah.

  • Pst leonard Funmilayo

    Thank you sir for such an inspiring time of fellowship and enlightenment. God bless you, sir. my times of prayer is 11- 11; 15 pm and 7-7;15 daily

  • malvin mabhunu

    Thank you Pastor Chris for saying yes to the Gospel. so blessed to have you

  • Bro Favour Mamud

    Gloryyyy.... Thank you sir the opportunity to cause changes in the realm of the Spirit...IT IS SETTLED...

  • Francis Mwakalenga

    Thank you Pastor sir for the word,praying from Malawi

  • Mawuso Solomon Vegas

    God bless you

  • Adamah

    Thank you Lord for the opportunity and priveledge to be part of this .thank you Pst sir and Pst Benny hill

  • Evans ahunu

    Thanks pastor chris for loving words that as changed me now I want to get closer and closer to God like you pastor Chris thank you for opportunity

  • Hardingonson sinjela

    I love you so much Daddy each time I watch your videos am blessed 🙏

  • Tsisah Magdalene

    Thank u pastor Chris for teaching me the word of God


    Thank you my dearest man of God...A man of the Spirit; always atuned to the Spirit realm. What a time to pray and effect changes.....just at the right time. God bless you.

  • plgifted


  • Stella Okoro

    PASTOR Chris your are my mentor, daddy, brother etc you have change my live. PASTOR i love so much SIR

  • Natasha N Mlunjwa

    My life is a testimony

  • Pastor Sandra

    Happy New Year Sir, We Love you,

  • Azouka Brandon

    Thank you Pastor Sir

  • Joyce Chavula

    💜crossin over. The service is so amazing.

  • Takunda Solomon Tinei Zwambila


  • Peter Harawa

    This is life changing

  • Elizabeth Monari

    I thank you very much Pastor Sir for praying for me. I love you a lot. #prayingnow

  • Elizabeth Monari

    Thank you Pastor Sir for praying for me. #prayingnow

  • Teneal Pillay

    Glory to God.

  • yakubu toba

    God I thank you for pastor christ thank you for using him teaching me your word for correction,reprove am bless in the year of the supernatural. Waiting for the word for 2019.

  • Pastor Emmanuel Sobade

    We ernestly looking forward for that one word from God with which we will chat a glorious 2019 in CE HONG KONG. Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to be with you in this glorious meeting. We love you Sir

  • yakubu toba

    God continue to bless and make way for you to continue to teach us his word. Am bless thank you pastor from sokoto

  • Annique Charles

    Pastor Chris I thank God who you are for I have found who I am in Christ

  • Prince nosa

    Pastor i love u sir

  • Zinhle Mkhwanazi

    Ready to receive Rhema Word, Hallelujah!

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    Thank you Pastor sir. #Prayingnow #Ghana

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  • Ndipagbor sepherine

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