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Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), runs a massive global prayer network, which has garnered over 40 million followers spread across all of the seven continents of the world. The number of followers keeps expanding by the minute as many connect to the man of God’s prayer network, hosted on the KingsChat platform which is available on the web and on mobile applications and also through various social media platforms including the Loveworld News and Kingschat app.

Through the rich and inspiring global prayer network, followers of the man of God, at specific times of the day are guided in succinct prayer points, to pray with Pastor Chris. Regularly, as led by the Spirit of God, the man of God, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome, instructs his followers to pray, as led by the Spirit of God, on specific issues.The prayer posts have covered a number of issues and consistently each time, the man of God gives specific pointers to issues of life and ministry as the Spirit of God would have the people give attention to.
Every day, many more connect to this global prayer network and the testimonies are endless and enduring! Join the global prayer network today by subscribing at http://kingschat.online/.
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Pray-A-Thon 2021 - Fri July 30

God’s Word is forever settled in heaven, but it’s up to you to have it settled in your life. Learn how in this Friday’s Rhapsody. Visit http://rhapsodyofrealities.org. Ephesians 5:18-20 says, ’And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’. At our times of prayer today, we’ll pray fervidly in tongues of the Spirit, and in accordance with the verses of Scripture above, rejoicing and praising the Lord for the sure and everlasting victory we have in Christ. It’s the final day of Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 6 today, and you don’t want to miss it. Get everyone connected at 7pm GMT +1; showing on all Loveworld Networks, Ministry Websites, Live TV mobile app, Ceflix and various social media platforms. God bless you.

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Pray-A-Thon 2021 - Wed July 28

The Holy Spirit is your advantage. Learn more in this Wednesday’s Rhapsody. Visit http://rhapsodyofrealities.org. Habakkuk 2:14 says, ’For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea’. At our times of prayer today, we’ll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, praying also for the salvation of souls in all nations, and declaring the reign and dominion of Christ in their hearts; for the Spirit has been poured out upon all flesh, hallelujah! Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 6 has been a special time of enlightenment and impartation. It’s day 3 today, and not too late to join in and invite others too. We’re live daily till Friday, on alll Loveworld Networks, Ministry Websites, Live TV mobile app, Ceflix, and various social media platforms. Remember to attend the Midweek Service today in Church onsite or online. God bless you.

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  • Ramon Chavez

    I ask for prayer coverage and protection upon my life, every time I go out to preach and reach souls for the Lord, there is always opposition from the enemy causing problems or bringing situations I ask for prayers please so that all those evil demonic spirits, who want to conspire or bring bad situations against my life be bound and overthrown in the name of Jesus, that every word of curse or witchcraft or sorcery against my life or family be canceled in the name of Jesus, prayer for the fullness of the Holy Spirit bringing a Revival within me empowering and anointing me new strength and boldness, for his grace and favor upon my life. thank you

  • Mrs Ellen Goode

    I confessed that Jesus Christ is the lord of my life from this day on. I’m born again. I’m now a child of God. Mrs Ellen Goode The Gambia

  • Favor

    Christians are always joyful and protected from wicked and unreasonable men. In Jesus name. I love Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

  • Ramon Chavez Garcia

    Thank you so much for your prayer support covering my life, God is working in my heart, soul and ministry. Prayers that the Spirit of God will fill me more with his presence, anointing me, strengthening me and giving me grace, favor and lifting me up. Prayer for coverage, protection and blessings of God on my life and family, canceling and binding all powers of hell and demonic spirits of witchcraft and sorcery out of our lives in the name of Jesus, that God will open doors of ministry to administer and minister, for financial miracles.

  • Sarika

    Pastor Chris please pray for healing in my heart & soul and for restoration to feel like the old me and for my smell and taste to come back and my cousins smell and taste to come back.

  • Ankit Dayal

    Praise The LORD, This is Ankit Dayal from India. Please pray for my father Pastor Masih Dayal from India. He is serving The Lord for past 35 years. He has been suffering from Kidney, Liver, Heart and other diseases. He is admitted in hospital for past 3 months. Today morning His condition deteriorated so much and shifted to ICU. He is unconscious and not able to come to his senses and recognise everyone. We know GOD can do Wonders and Miracles through HIS chosen pastors and prophets.

  • Cheryl

    Thanks To Past Chris and global fam for uplifting t nations globally. Sadly so many church leadership are still spiritual sleeping therefore the different prayers in t different categories were outstanding ..

  • Immanuel A

    Dear Pr. Chirs Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ . Please help me and family to join your prayers on Zoom Webinar today 27th Mar 21. Awaiting your kind reply .with love and prayers . Immanuel A +919080564811 iamrith@gmail.com

  • Daniel Adeyemi

    I want God to heal me from anemia

  • Carmel

    Dear Pastor, I am asking for prayer for my precious mother-Mary. Believing for a creative miracles - has enlarged inflammed Liver, only has 1 kidney not functioning, weakness, awaiting results from blood tests for ESR believing good report. All toxin discharge within her body to be supernaturally removed otherwise fatal if enters bloodstream. Wholeness spirit soul and body. Thank you Lord for she will not die but Live to give Glory to God. Thank you for praying for my beautiful mother. God richly bless you.

  • Edan Joseph

    Happy birthday pastor

  • Lado Russie

    Prayer request is let holy spirit take contral of my life and bady my speech, emation, prayer. Let Lord open my eye,mind,and give me plan,idea. To bring his people to kingdom of God

  • Pauline David

    Good Afternoon, I trust you are well. Please receive my Christian greetings. Kind request for prayer for a job, request for God to establish the work of my hands to meet my financial obligations. Thanks. Best regards, Pauline

  • Aref Almaznaee

    Dear Pastor Chris, Prayer Request:- for me: Aref Almaznaee for my wife: Fatma Almaznaee for my two daughters: Ahlam Almaznaee and Hiyam Almaznaee for my two sons: Jamal Almaznaee and Mohamed Almaznaee for my brother: Hussein Almaznaee for my cousin: Najy Almaznaee Thanks and Best Regards

  • Nicholas

    Please pray that God will provide all resources needed to build our christian orphan school,Camp David Green Academy in Kenya.

  • Bhavani Manekar

    Praise the Lord! Please pray for my two sisters Lalitha,(42) Swapna (36) for their marriage. we come from Gentile family and waiting good marriage. Whole family got saved but there are no marriages and no jobs in the family. it is since 21 years faithfully my sisters following the Lord Jesus. Please pray for our family and their marriages and lift us in front of Gentiles. All Glory and Honor belongs to Lord Jesus. Thank you very much for your prayers.

  • Mmahlanole Elizabeth Raphasha

    Prayer Request My daughter Moyagabo Raphasha challenged with demonic personality of peer pressure,disrespectful, with anger and attitude towards me and her sister. Always loitering along the street not helping with household duties. When corrected threatening to kill herself Prayer for Divine Health and Divine protection, to cut off demonic personality influence and peer pressure influence and to be Spiritually transformed in Jesus Name.

  • Saralyn hooke

    Need prayer went to the dr but can’t find what causing all this pain have diabetes please pray for me I’m a minister of the gospel

  • Angel

    Please, help me pray for all my friends and loved ones to open their hearts to receive Christ.

  • Anita Upite

    Hello dear saints! Thanks God that we all can be together in Spirit and there is noone who can stop it! I live in Finland. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! I have to ask you for help in prayer as Iive in country where believers more live in flesh and where is not allowed to talk about sins, devils etc. I have son Joshua. He is in 7th grade in so called Christian school, which of course is not as it calls itself. They have so called Christian teaching at school as subject but they do not tell about Jesus. This year they teach about religions of the world and today in home work children has to create their own god-one idol, and draw it or make it from some materials and also they have to tell how to worship it and how to believe. We are real believers and my son suffers . Now we decided not to make any other god or idol but just draw picture of Rapture of Church. Teachers do not like us because we are different. But problem is that child must obey teachers. We really need protection now as we have had already problems with so called Child Protection organizations, where they asked me why my 13 years old son still do not watch pornography!!!!! By God,s grace we escape but as we all know time is short and devils are moving quicker. Please help me to pray for this school, for my son Joshua and me. May we have power to stand against all powers of darkness. I do not have anybody who understand this here and I cannot tell this also to people here. Be blessed! May God protect you all till the day of Rapture! With love your sister in Christ Anita

  • Timothy James

    Please pray for me over kidney stone, I want God to remove it without any surgery and I want God to cancel any form of surgery in my life in Jesus name amen Please help me to pray it today

  • Juliet ikilai

    Mum (Asio louise okurut) suffered a stroke and memory loss and has a blood clot heading to the brain She needs total restoration of her speech and healing...cancellation of the planned surgery

  • Diza Munguci Joseph

    my blessing to you all, please pray me I have fails to know my calling and purpose am I a worshiper or an Envergelist

  • John D Bates

    I’m truly asking for prayer on behalf of my brother James A. Coleman II here in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. I truly ask for your prayers and intercession, the enemy wants to destroy him, please pray for my brother, thank you so much, John D Bates Indianapolis, Indiana USA

  • Zsigri Milán

    My Blessing to every body! I would like to ask as my mother son to please pray for my mom. She had breats cancer and its almost spread every where and now she even has water in her lungs and i know that the one who can help and heal her IS GOD! Have and nice , blessed day every body and thank for helping me to pray to our GOD!

  • Myra Manawar

    I am Myra Manawar and writing this email to request prayer for complete and miraculous healing of my mother, Rakhil Manawar. She is diabetic for more than 10 years now and has a history of Hep C. Recently, she was diagnosed with complete heart block and suggested a permanent pacemaker, which is now implanted. But she is feeling very weak with restlessness in her legs..... I want to request you to please pray for her miraculous healing and complete recovery in Jesus name.... May her Heart, Liver, Pancreas and Kidneys be washed with the blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ and made whole.....and that God protects her and prevents her from all related complications and side effects.... Amen and Amen I believe that prayers work and miracles can happen, please keep my mama in your healing prayers..

  • Walter

    Pastor pray for me to get a job and be fame with my musical career


    Please pray for me to get a job. I am so exhausted looking for a job. I am a believer in Christ Jesus. Thanks,

  • Christian Mahinda Heennilame

    Need ONE : Please pray for Holy life, Health, Holy Ghost fire & long life for me (Christian Mahinda), my wife (Subojini) and my loving daughter (Deborah). Need TWO : Revival of Holy Spirit on my life, in my family and my ministries Need THREE : I need Prophetical anointing, Deliverance anointing, Miracle anointing, Holy Fasting and Prayer anointing Need FOUR : Financial breakthrough in my life, my family, my ministries and Church Need FIVE : I need Healing anointing and Anointing of Resurrection power of Jesus Christ Need SIX : I need anointing of Boldness of Holy Ghost and Protection of my life, family life, ministries and Church Need SEVEN : I need anointing of fellowship with the Father of God, Son of God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Thank you very much Man of God.

  • Nancy

    Please pray for me for God to restore my Good health.

  • Jeri ClaudiusSembiring

    Pastor please pray for my financial, i would like to finish my thesis

  • G

    please pray for Eva Sherbondy to be completely healed from her brain injury.

  • Valerie Browne

    Please for a office colleague and friend. He is 25 years old, a past cancer survivor, having had before at 15 years old. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the throat and just today, of cancer in his thyroid. Please pray for his supernatural healing

  • Clare

    Please pray for me to be completely restored in my health mentally, spiritually and physically.

  • Metson Thomas Mathews

    Teacher, I want you to pray for me and my wife who is pregnant (now 7 1/2 weeks).

  • Anita Upīte

    Hello dear saints! I need your prayer support for my son Martin. He is 37 and he has some problems with his head now. He called me today and said that he started to have big pain in the right side of head. His daughter saw a dream that father dies.I think devil plan something but we all together can destroy his plans. Please help me dear saints! With love your sister in Christ Anita from Finland P.S Martin is not saved yet. I pray for salvation already 25 years but God somehow does not answer this my prayer. May be your He will answer.Be blessed!

  • Devon Jankowski

    Please stand in agreement to save my life from depression, drug and alcohol addiction, heart ache. My life is falling apart and I need God to help me. I have a CCMA case that I need God to work a divine miracle and financially provide. I send the spirit of jealousy, obsession, slander, vindictiveness, addiction, unforgiveness, depression, hatefulness , pride and all unknown spirits back into the pit of hell. I pray to the God of restoration, the God of miracles, the God that never fails to speak to me, guide me, shake me up and change me. Send your angels Lord to minister to me , don’t leave me until I rest in you, follow you and live for you Jesus . Help me to change and amend my broken relationship, bind my mind to your mind. Whatever witchcraft Spirits that is tearing me down, God will confuse them 7 different ways.. no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

  • K.D.

    I had a job interview on Wednesday June 17, 2020. I am now awaiting the result. Please pray with me. Thank you!.

  • Edokpolor juliet

    Thank you pastor sir for your love and prayers i love you sir God bless you sir Amen 🙌

  • Elisha Assaa-Asante

    Hurray Daddy..how happy i am to be texting you...I have never seen you face to face and im not a member of Christ Embassy or Believers Loveworld...but i can assure you i serve your anointing greatly.Especially your youtube videos...i have downloaded almost all.I just cherish you anointing and everything about you...My family sometimes call you my father and sometimes call me Pastor Chris because you impact me with your anointing..You know..i always tell myself and all people close to me that you are my ELIJAH..A God sent teacher and father to prepare me... I am also called into the ministry and i need a prayer of steadfastness and strength to go only upwards....and i also want to catch your anointing...GOD BLESS YOU DADDY...Continue to be a blessing..And please extend my greetings to Papa Benny

  • Jennifer

    Healed hiv please

  • Bhola Paswan

    Praise the lord.prey for me for job and my family courtcase win faced me my child name Ashis and KANCHAN prosper in read full deliverence my family plz prey for miracles


    I love U so much pastor God bless U.


    Pray for me.... please

  • Leonora

    Pastor please pray for me and my children and my husband.

  • Christian Mahinda Heennilame

    Need ONE : Please pray for Holy life, Health, Holy Ghost fire & long life for me (Christian Mahinda), my wife (Subojini) and my loving daughter (Deborah). Need TWO : Revival of Holy Spirit on my life, in my family and my ministries Need THREE : I need Prophetical anointing, Deliverance anointing, Miracle anointing, Holy Fasting and Prayer anointing Need FOUR : Financial breakthrough in my life, my family, my ministries and Church Need FIVE : I need Healing anointing and Anointing of Resurrection power of Jesus Christ Need SIX : I need anointing of Boldness of Holy Ghost and Protection of my life, family life, ministries and Church Need SEVEN : I need anointing of fellowship with the Father of God, Son of God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Thank you very much Man of God.

  • Solomon

    Hello Man of God, I highly respect you sir and I believe in your anointing. Your ministry has blessed me in the past. However, kindly pray for my following needs to be met In my life ASAP: 1. To be filled with Holy Spirit fruit and gifts. 2. For the spirit of my mind to be renewed completely (also to be completely free from enemy’s voices and free factor etc anytime, no old-sinful-fear associated memory) 3. To get married to the beautiful right one this year and serve God without any hassles. 4. I want to go from faith to faith, glory to glory, strength to strength, blessing to blessing…!!! 5. To get promoted, abundant supply of all the good things in life to manifest right now. Kindly let me know any special word God has for me…!! Waiting for your reply…..!!! Thanks and regards Solomon

  • trust

    Love you my pastor my life coach

  • Esau Ditshepi Mothusi Segona

    Prayer Request For God to favor me with finances to marry Thokozile Euphinia Msibi. For God to favor my company Melchizedek trading and projects to prosper it financially with projects and contracts. For God to release His wealth anointing upon my life. For God to favor me with a new car. For God to favor me with finances to finish building my house. For God to favor me with finances to build my mother a house. For God to prosper me financially. For God to heal my mother Esther Segona from ulcer and high blood pressure. For God to make me His Kingdom financier.

  • Luisa Taufa

    Plz, pray for me and my family.. my husband left us (my daughter and I) for another woman.. we want our family back especially me..I want my husband back.. due to the evil work made him to drift away from us just by pride..please we need your help to pray with us..regards from us

  • rahim akhundov

    Appeal to all the believers Please let us agree and fast and pray against the spirit of death that takes away thousands of lives in America and elsewhere. Let us agree in prayer and fasting so that God can convict the evil powers behind this coronavirus affairs. I do pray and fast for this situation and against the plans of evil powers to introduce 5G and other stupid things.Let us stand against this in faith and rebuke it. How come that churches cannot get together now? Online gatherings are not for the church. the world can do this online gathering, but not we. as we have the power to stand against the fear of coronavirus. If Peter was alive today he would be disappointed at the churches, yet I am not saying Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not happy with this online gatherings. You can pray and ask Him about this.In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ I am releasing fire on you against the fear of coronavirus and I say that open church meetings must be restored for the Glory of God. We have been given the power of Holy Spirit. We cannot hide in our homes. Best regards Rahim Akhundov from Azerbaijan 00994503286954

  • Grace Ikirimat

    My name is Grace Ikirimat My prayer request is that I get restored in my career so that I’m able to take my children back to school

  • Sushmita

    Please pray for my marital life which is not good my husband always fights with me without any cause please pray for my relationship.

  • Christian Mahinda Heennilame

    Need ONE : Please pray for Holy life, Health, Holy Ghost fire & long life for me (Christian Mahinda), my wife (Subojini) and my loving daughter (Deborah). Need TWO : Revival of Holy Spirit on my life, in my family and my ministries Need THREE : I need Prophetical anointing, Deliverance anointing, Miracle anointing, Holy Fasting and Prayer anointing Need FOUR : Financial breakthrough in my life, my family, my ministries and Church Need FIVE : I need Healing anointing and Anointing of Resurrection power of Jesus Christ Need SIX : I need anointing of Boldness of Holy Ghost and Protection of my life, family life, ministries and Church Need SEVEN : I need anointing of fellowship with the Father of God, Son of God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Thank you very much Man of God.

  • Asekenye Hellen

    Dear Pastor Sir Good Day Pastor Sir. I would like to kindly request for the prayer for the situation that am facing now. My name is Asekenye Hellen From Uganda. I am married but my husband (malinga martin) has abandoned me with 03 children and doesn’t come home and at the moment staying with woman called Adrale Esther and renting house in Kampala city, no support and anything and also praying for good job (Community Service Officer) I need this man to wed me and build for me good home, This man had abandoned me with the children for 14 years then when he lost job he came back and gin following the same woman again, Pastor I am praying God delivers my husband through you and we settle as home

  • Pastor Ranga Mandaza

    Glory to God!

  • Soneye banwo Joshua

    Plz ,pray for me and my family My name is Soneye Banwo Joshua. I use to forget things easily this days ( memory low) I have severe headache with ear infection and long sight problem.pls pray for me . Thanks.. God bless you

  • Mildred Dlamini

    Thank you Pastor Sir, you are a blessing.

  • Zianah

    Thank you for the great work you are doing pastor Chris. God bless you abundantly. Please pray for me to receive healing. I believe I will be HIV negative by the blood of Jesus.

  • Teddy Orriddy

    Thank you Sir, this is simply Awesome... Amen

  • Henry Peter s

    We thank God for the new level

  • Pastor Sue

    Thank you Lord for an awesome month of Prayer. When we pray, in Jesus Name, we make changes everywhere.

  • Norbert Ameacho Enjeawepi

    Amen. Thank you Pastor. For giving us the privilege to pray with you. #PrayingNow#CEUAE

  • sis marvellous ezediunor

    Thank you Pst Sir My spirit is lifted

  • Liseby Perrin

    Thank You Beloved Pastor Chris. I will surely allow The Holy Spirit to guide, instruct and inspire me deeply in prayers.

  • chinedu

    Glory to God

  • Tristan Mayess

    Pastor chris you are my hero

  • Kgalalelo Keboreng

    Oh glory to God,for His mercy endureth forever. Psalm 91:16(NIV) With longlife will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

  • Ruramai R. Museba

    Thank you Pastor Chris for spreading the gospel to the world you have changed millions of people over the world with your teachings including me. I love so dearly my father.

  • John Etiki

    I love you sir

  • Ezike Goll

    I love you Pastor God bless you Sir.


    Thank you Pastor, for such a time like this to fast and pray with you, what a glorious experience. I love you Sir.

  • Isaac Moses

    Pastor Sir Thank You For Saying Yes To The Calling More Grace Sir.I Will As Instructed By The Spirit

  • charles kambole

    Thank you Pastor Sir for divine word to pray about today,Love you Sir Pastor.

  • Rahul Isaiah

    I receive . . you are the servant of god ...



  • Sandra Christopher

    Thank you Sir .God is love,I thank Him for His love for me! I will pray as instructed by the Holy ghost.Amen🙌👏

  • Sandra Christopher

    Thank you Sir.I will pray as instructed by the holy ghost.Glory🙌💖

  • sizakele

    Thank you Lord Jesus

  • Sandra Christopher

    Thank you Sir.The holy spirit is my efficience ,ability of God is in me,all things are working together for my advantage with the speed of the holy ghost! Amen🙌👏💖

  • Seyi ifeanyi Adebayo

    Thank You pastor. I love u

  • John

    Thank you jesus

  • Williams

    Glory b Almighty God



  • Holima Sandy

    Thank You Pastor For This Platform To Strengthen Our Spirit

  • vanessa


  • Ndipagbor sepherine

    Thank you pastor sir .God Bless you.

  • Emmanuel Sannoh

    Thank You Pastor For Blessing Us With Your Son Pastor Antony In Sierra Leone

  • Ifeoma

    Thank you Sir, I love you forever!


    Glory be to GOD

  • Goll Ezike

    Thank you sir.

  • Gladys Dufua

    Pastor thank you, for have learned a lot from you, am the heal of God, last year i was diagnose breast cancer ,i refuse treatment and i took charge over the situation by cleaning my body, i starts juicing and living on Raw food, i attend The healing school in South Africa, and for one year, there is no sign of cancer growth cells in my body glory to God, but i have to go in for operation to remove the mother cancer. I need prayer.

  • Mpho

    praise god.. be anxious for nothing,,

  • Thobile

    Our month of prayer, thank you pastor sir I love you

  • Ossai

    Pls pastor pray for me have been sick of stomach pains and bleeding for years now

  • Taofeeq Olaitan

    A time of refreshing...................

  • Simeon ikuen

    i love you Pastor

  • Siwamkele

    Please pray for my health to be restored fully and to get a job. Please pray for my mother as well


    Praise God.Am really blessed by your teachings and pray that am imparted by you to manifest Gods wisdom in all dimensions.Am a teacher by profession and would request prayer against a surge in blood pressure experienced from December 2017.My kids clinton age 10,glory age 5 and terry 10 months have had chest attacks.I have stagnated as a deputy principal for 10 yrs, i completed msc (chem) course work in 2013 but i am yet to write my thesis; i saw my two brothers unable to complete the first degree.I would want to own my own residential house and clear all debts accrued.

  • Bongiwe Msibi

    Pastor Chris I keep having bad dreams about my family please help me pray in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Mrs Dosei Nwolu

    Pls pray 4 my mum who is in comma. I also want to find out when d healing school will reach Nigeria. Thank you.

  • sheryll johnson


  • Rebecca

    Good day sir Pray for my Mom and all my siblings.... My mom has been operated last month and now she is feeling better be coz of the prayers going on here. Bless everyone

  • Justine David Mulenga

    please pray for me I want to receive the holy spirit to guide me any teach me about our Lord Jesus Christ please help me I need the holy spirit help me I believe in your God pastor Chris please help me am 22years young man from Zambia

  • akendegue nkoma marie

    this is just amazing thank you Lord

  • Joseph Tayengwa

    Good day Sir, declare expansion and growth to my transport business. Thank you.

  • Babuman

    i love 2 hear pastor chris message always, an i no d hear English well well, pray 4 me dat i should learning English an spirit of knowledge of d Bible an wisdom thanks.

  • Pastor Afzal Iqbal

    Please pray for that who dislikes me, God will touch them and also change their life, from hatrate into love, I need you to pray for rossy, johnny, sunny, shamoon, nasir, tariq, ishtiaq, zafar uncle, vincia and many more.

  • agbor lydian ebob

    Thank You Pastor Sir, very much for this great opportunity giving me to communicate my prayer request Dear Pastor pray for my father; and my entire family for divine health

  • Robin lal

    Please pray for me urgently i am suffering from stomach pain due to hernia Please pray for my healing right now please


    Thank pastor for this opportunity in our year of SUPERNATURAL. May you please pray for me sir , I need wife who is a born again and who loves me as I am , I have never been married sir and believes in the lord Jesus Christ as my saviour, I am 37. My finances also are not well sir including all our family members, I am always in debts and need to start big business need capital and would love to finance the gospel

  • jerome robert mensah

    please men of god i really need a pray i need a job

  • Lavanya

    Dear pastor...i thank you and i am blssed always to hear you. I request you to pray for my family restoration i.e. my husband Janardhan and me should live together under one roof and also pray that i also gain divine intervention to pray in tongues. Thnk you and God bls you

  • anthony pless

    Heavenly Father I pray, for victory, revelation,healing and make me fruitful in soul winning. Increase Your power,angelic protection, favor, provision, anointing, wisdom intimacy and in my life. . I pray I keep all that You have given me. I pray that the light of GOD The FATHER spring up speedily in me and the glory of GOD rest upon me. Love Anthony Pless

  • Sandra

    Please pray for complete healing from high blood pressure.

  • Valerie McClarty

    Can you please pray for me i have cancer my name is Valerie McClarty. It has already blinded me in one eye please pray.

  • Tsholofelo

    Pastor Chris please pray for my financial breakthrough.im in lot of debts ,I want to be free from them. Regards Tsholofelo 0838770818

  • Dolma

    Hlo I am from India and I need your prayer for my sister she is suffering from MDR tuberculosis disease plz

  • Pamjan wilkinson

    Pls pray for every member of my family. Many are not saved. Pray for deliverance and salvation. God bless You!

  • Susan Traxler

    Pray for healing with in my body, my diabetes, my blood pressure and my anxieties. Pray that i can get off these meds. Pray for healing with my thyroid

  • josephine Simon

    Please pray for my financial breakthrough . Thank you Jesus

  • grace

    I am really happy to here the word of God ..specially from Pastor Chris. touching my heart.I want to be a power full girl from the spiritually.

  • Mr.Pau

    Please pray for my business from loss to success in the of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much, Mr.Pau.

  • Rodriguez

    Hallelujah, thank you Pastor

  • Paulina Moela

    Glory to God

  • vimala christinal

    pls pastor pray 4 non-christians in India Thank you Sir

  • Dennis Kuria

    I have been suffering from depression for 7 years. I am 23 years old. My dad has diabetes and I feel bad when he injects insulin into his stomach. My mom has blood pressure which is inherited. My sister used to love studies but now she has no interest in them again. please pray for my family.

  • Micah Mabhena

    Please pray for me. There are spiritual wars against me sponsored by the devil and his agents for nearly 50 years now. These are persuing my fall and death. Witchcraft, diseases, poverty....

  • Nicola Shoer

    Please could you pray for Ian Sergeantion has lumber on lungs and infection. And for my mum Jean Shoer who lost her husband thank you

  • Nicola Shoer

    Please could you pray for my pastor Juineatta Shaw. She has heart problem, asthma, arthritis, crumbling disc in back. She came to one crusade and was in a wheel chair and now can walk, just needs to take highest level of morphine. Also had stomach band and part of stomach died and keeps getting kidney and bladder infections. God uhas put strong anointing on her so feel under attack by witchcraft. Thank you for prayers

  • Beatrice

    please pray for me and my family for breakthrough.we have suffered for long.

  • humera rana

    pastor i m from pakistan plz pray for my husband income and for his cases.

  • krishnee

    Please pray for my 8 year old daughter kiara. she has suddenly developed a fear of eating. she used to love food but doesnt want to eat anymore. she says that she has forgotten how to swallow. i have taken her to the doctors and there is nothing medically wrong with her. We desperately need Jesus to deliver her..Please pray. God bless

  • Mercy

    Please pray for my marriage, I am trying hard to get married but the plans always scatter

  • Oparah Emmanuel

    How do I speak in tongues

  • Margaret Newton-Bos

    I will like you to pray for my sister Caroline T. Tye In the Netherlands. Who suffering from mental illness. I that she is heal in jess Christ name. Amen

  • Priyanka Valecha

    Pastor could you please pray for my mother, Reema. Today due to low BP she fell on the road, we had to rush her to the hospital where they told that she needs to be admitted to the hospital but we did not have the money to admit her so they gave her some medicine and sent her home. Actually my mother is very depressed because our financial condition is very bad and also because i am jobless from the past 10 months due to which she consumes 7 sleeping tablets in a day and eats tobacco. Pls pray that god forgives her, delivers her from addictions and gives her peace of mind

  • Yordanos michael

    I have marriage Problem

  • Khurram

    I am ill since 3 months due to infection in pancreas. I m Muslim. Please pray for my health

  • Pastor Goll

    Thank you Sir, I love you Pastor, God bless you Sir

  • Peace Chinemerem Enyioko

    Dear Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, I am a Christian. I pay my tithe, I give offering. I sow seed. I vow and redeem my vow. However, a taxi driver stole my goods that I sell. Even when he (the taxi drive) admitted of being responsible for the theft. The police connived with the taxi driver, because, they know the owner of the car, which is used as taxi. Why? The matter is now in court. Therefore, I need victory, favour and success to recover my stolen goods. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth Tafesse Bekele

    Dear Pastor Chris : I am really very glad that I have found you online. I thank God really. I am learning and being blessed. May I ask you to also pray for my son to get employed please. Hoping to hear back from you. Elizabeth T.

  • Francis Rozario

    Dear Pastor, From last four years I m Going through in a very difficult time. No peace, joy, in my heart and at my home. I m very much irritated, frustrated , depressed with the situation I m going . From last 15 years I m going thorough in debt but till today I m not debt free. I m found unnecessary fighting in our home. My collogues and neobours are very much against us creating problems to irritate me and my family. Every thin we do is not going smoothly. everything we do goes wrong. No peace at all to me and my family. I m also very much struggle to get a job. I need a Job. There is no financial stability only salaries are coming and going . no blessings at all to the income. I don’t know what is happening to my family . today I repent to the Lord. Pl prayer me and for my family for the blessings of the Lord, Peace , Joy of the Lord .

  • Lee Blount III

    Please pray for my mother Mae Blount who is fighting for her life. She is 80 and had a brain tumor removed. She is at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. She needs a miracle. Pray also for healing for Juanita Randal and my sister Melissa who are here in Baltimore. I too need healing for my mouth. My birthday is Tuesday, Oct. 10 and I need a financial miracle. I would like to be able to go out and celebrate.

  • Humphery

    Thank you Sir, Glory be to God


    Amen man of God

  • ant

    Heavenly Father I pray, for victory, revelation,healing and make me fruitful in soul winning. Increase Your power,angelic protection, favor, provision, anointing, wisdom intimacy and in my life. . I pray I keep all that You have given me. I pray that the light of GOD The FATHER spring up speedily in me and the glory of GOD rest upon me. Love Anthony Pless

  • Christian Mahinda Heennilame

    Need ONE : Please pray for Holy life, Health, Holy Ghost fire & long life for me (Christian Mahinda), my wife (Subojini) and my loving daughter (Deborah). Need TWO : Revival of Holy Spirit on my life, in my family and my ministries Need THREE : I need Prophetical anointing, Deliverance anointing, Miracle anointing, Holy Fasting and Prayer anointing Need FOUR : Financial breakthrough in my life, my family, my ministries and Church Need FIVE : I need Healing anointing and Anointing of Resurrection power of Jesus Christ Need SIX : I need anointing of Boldness of Holy Ghost and Protection of my life, family life, ministries and Church Need SEVEN : I need anointing of fellowship with the Father of God, Son of God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit

  • Manaledi

    Glory be to God who never changes

  • Rebeca Medina

    Prayer to heal from diabetes God Bless you and thank you

  • paul

    Following closely. Thanking God,

  • Ifeoma

    Thank you Sir

  • Bernard Kansa

    Pastor thank you for the prayers and reaching u are really a Man of God, O i need is a prayer from your for my prosperity and wisdom

  • Melusi Kopotsha

    Amen Thank you Pastor Sir. CE Pumula Zone 5

  • Melusi Kopotsha

    Amen Thank you Pastor Sir CE Pumula Zone 5

  • Jovie

    Are shaking and making sounds manifestations of the indwelling Holy Spirit?

  • manga

    Thank You Pastor for your prayers I am healed in Jesus name...Amen

  • Naveedkhursheed

    Amen hallelujah


    Thank you Pastor for " We know the love of Christ, which surpass knowledge, we will continue to be filled with all the fullness of God". Amen

  • Elohor Ella

    Thank u pastor sir

  • Evalast

    Thank you Pastor sir.

  • karbo aasoyir

    thank you SIR

  • Ezzyrich

    The leaders in Nigeria by the power of the Holy Ghost function in wisdom and enact laws and policies that are favourable to the Church! The Church is matching on!

  • Ezzyrich

    God answers prayers!

  • Blessing

    Thank you sir1

  • Sola Karo

    Thank you Pastor

  • stanley

    i receive


    Thank you Pastor Chris....my flourishing has started....its happening so fast..praise be to God.

  • getrude

    thank you pastor sir

  • Deacon Dryton

    Thank you Pastor Sir. I am flourishing in The name of Jesus.

  • Oruka Stephen

    Thank you very much Pastor for the wonderful teachings, healing and prophecies.

  • Miller Promise

    Am happy too b in christ embassy too b bless be God


    Praise the Lord!


    Praise the Lord!

  • Beatrice

    Thank you sir for this fasting and prayer!

  • Precious phiri

    Thanks Pastor Sir

  • ope

    Thank you Pastor Sir!

  • Eyuk Jerry

    God who has given you this great visions will always guide and direct you,

  • Chinwendu Stephen

    Thank you Jesus for your love.

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