Thousands gathered to witness and experience the supernatural at final healing service of the Autumn Session

The third and final healing service of the 2018 Healing School Autumn Session was indeed an amazing season of the supernatural, filled with testimonies, miracles, signs, wonders, restoration, salvation and so much more.

From the month of March, when it all began with great expectations, there had been answers, blessings, and uplifting for thousands who came for the divine touch from God that changed lives forever. Burdens were lifted, yokes destroyed, tears wiped away, and there were new songs on the lips of everyone who came expectant for their miracle.

From the month of March, when it all began with great expectations, there had been answers, blessings, and uplifting for thousands who came for the divine touch from God that changed lives forever

A woman's situation turned around with one touch from God.

Congregants express their love to the Lord in joyful worship at the Healing Service

The take-off of the healing service with Pastor Chris was characterized by moments of supplication and thanksgiving to God. The choir led the congregation in heartfelt praise and worship to the Lord. Currents of love and dynamic power were stirred at the healing service as students, partners and ministers worshipped.

Congregants were enthused as they lifted their hands in worship, praise and intense prayers to the Lord. The atmosphere was literally charged with dynamic power stirred through the passionate intercession of the saints in the auditorium.

Past Students Narrate Touching Stories of Divine Intervention at Healing Service

At the healing services, students that were in line for the divine touch, and the congregants had the priceless opportunity to hear accounts of past students of the Healing School who put their faith to work and received their healing when the man of God ministered to them.

Pedzani Mokgosi with her daughter, a testimony of God's miracle power

First up at the service, Pedzani Mokgosi came up with her lovely two-year-old daughter after six years of being unable to conceive. She testified of the miracle-working power of God that was wrought when Pastor Chris ministered to her. "I came for a miracle, and I got it," she announced.

The effects of arthritis had taken its toll on Lieze Mann, coupled with spastic colon and chronic constipation, for five years. As a result of arthritis, she was unable to use both hands and soon, low self- esteem crept in. In her search for a lasting solution and a pain-free life, Lieze came to the Healing School. She testified of her healing after the man of God ministered to her. "Now I feel more alive. I can use my hands completely. The Lord saved me and chose me!" she exclaimed.

Emmanuel Dladla is now a living testimony of God's effusive love

"I went straight from the hospital to the Healing School… but, today I'm a living testimony." Those were the stirring words of Emmanuel Dladla as he took the stage, narrating his ordeal of post-operative complications that lasted 2 years, following a road traffic accident; he was unable to walk, never enjoyed comfort in any position and developed a fistula post-operatively. At the healing school, he was determined to receive his miracle and indeed his expectations were met when he received the divine touch. Revelling in his new-found health, he said, "I don’t know where the lumbar corset is anymore." Emmanuel is back to his work and living a life of joy and victory.

More Testimonies of power in the name of Jesus over heart failure, stroke, tuberculosis and more inspiring faith in thousands.

Questions were answered and doubts removed as more past students spoke of their turning points during their time at the Healing School.

Congregation inspired by the faith and victories of past students. Peter Moyo healed from heart failure, diabetes and kidney failure

When a man in his middle age suffers debilitating ailments, the impact on normal routines is inevitable. 50-year-old Peter Moyo was plagued with heart failure, diabetes mellitus and kidney failure for three years and became confined to a couch, weak and unable to do anything for himself. He was told by the doctors that his heart was functioning at half its capacity, and shortly, he began to experience symptoms of kidney failure. After three years of medication to no avail, he came to the Healing School, where his health was transformed gloriously by the healing power of God.

“I Could Have Died by Now; Healing School Stopped It!” — Portia Mongale narrated her story of perfect wholeness

The last, but in no way the least, of the testimonies at the service was the awe-inspiring story of Portia Mongale. Portia, who grew up as an orphan, was full of hope for a better future, “until that evil day came,” she said. She came to work that day like every other day but ended up in the hospital following an accident when the shutter-door of her company office came crashing down on her. The weeks and months following were of pain, misery and grief as she was diagnosed with stroke, meningitis and tuberculosis. She became wheel-chair bound, was in and out of hospital and had to be assisted in every way. At the Healing School, she purposed in her heart to be healed and responded with extraordinary faith when Pastor Chris laid hands on her. In profuse tears of joy, she shared the account of her amazing miracle. "I would have died but the Healing School stopped it. I’m crying because it’s a miracle. God knew that He had a great destiny for me, and He preserved my life for it.” Glory to God!

With every testimony celebrated, faith was greatly stirred in the hearts of students waiting to receive their miracles and wholeness through that divine touch from the man of God as the much-awaited moment approached.

Unparalleled Demonstration of the Power of God as Pastor Chris Healed the Sick

Thousands witnessed the miraculous touch of God as demons are cast out and the bound set free

Shouts of joy and victory filled the auditorium, announcing the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the third and final healing service of the 2018 Autumn Session. The presence of God was palpable as Pastor Chris began ministering to the sick.

Demons were cast out, the bound set free, and joy flowed like a river in the auditorium; people of all ages received their healing from various sicknesses. There was great celebration as the students began demonstrating their healing, doing what they couldn’t do before.

It was doubtless an unparalleled demonstration of the Spirit such as had never been seen before!

Spectacular Closing Moments at the Third Healing Service of Autumn Session

Ecstatic rejoicing, salvation of souls and recognition of ministers for 7th ISM Ministers’ Network Conference

The excitement in the hall was unmistakable; it was a glorious festival of diverse miracles at the third healing service of the 2018 Autumn Session, and indeed all through the session. Following the celebration, many rushed forward to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at an altar call led by Pastor Chris.

Present also at the service were beloved ministers of the Gospel, who were attending the 7th edition of the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference. The BLW President warmly welcomed them to a one-of-a-kind conference in the year of the supernatural. He spoke to the partners, thanking them for their unrelenting commitment to the Healing School and for being vitally involved in restoring hope to the sick.

Truly, the supernatural has been manifested throughout the 2018 Autumn Session, and every moment enjoyed at the Healing School would continue to resound with praise to God Almighty for the lives that have been transformed beyond words!