February 2018 Global Communion Service With Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Issues Divine Insight for February 2018 to Global Congregation

Multitudes worldwide connect to Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris to receive God’s Word.

The February 2018 Global Communion Service was beamed LIVE to millions around the world via terrestrial and satellite networks from the LoveWorld Convocation Arena, where thousands were assembled to hear God's Word and receive his supernatural inspiration for the month.

Through times of fervent prayer, led by the esteemed BLW Director of Programs, Pastor Lanre Alabi, the global congregation began to set God's purposes in motion for their nations, interceding for those in authority and for the salvation of the lost around the world in this month.

The highly esteemed BLW CEO, Pastor Deola Philips, prepared the brethren to receive God's Word with three important points: expectation; attention; and participation. It has been an inspiring time of worship and prayer, stirring up the expectations of brethren in viewing centers around the world and at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena.

The BLW President was received into the auditorium with excitement and a loud applause from the brethren, after which he introduced highlights of the 'Your LoveWorld' praise-a-thon concluded in the month of January. 

Pastor Chris Declares February 2018 To Be The ‘Month Of Change’

The anticipated Word of the Spirit has come to direct and encourage all, as the BLW President speaks on change in the month of February.

The man of God declared, at the February Global Communion Service, the word of God concerning the month of February 2018, saying: “this month of February is the Month of Change!”

Pastor Chris also announced a Prayer Week across the Believers’ LoveWorld Nation and Christ Embassy churches globally, which is to commence on Monday the 19th of February till Friday the 23rd of February.

“Make The Word of God Real In Your Life!”-Pastor Chris 

Pastor Chris provides insight into vital truth of the gospel, inspiring change in February 2018

When the Spirit of God declares his plans and purposes for us in the BLW nation, it is often followed with divine instructions- steps of faith that are guaranteed to produce the desired results. Just before the man of God, Pastor Chris announced February 2018 to be 'the month of Change', he provided his global congregation with guidance to making the word real in their lives.

Sharing a vital truth of the gospel, the BLW President said, “when you say, 'Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life', you are catapulted into the dominion of life and so you start living by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.”

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