'An Evening With The Word' With Pastor Chris

The first 'An Evening with the Word with Pastor Chris' in the Year of the Supernatural, was concluded at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena, which was the venue where members of Christ Embassy Lagos Virtual Zone and other Christ Embassy Churches in Lagos gathered for three exciting hours, under the teaching ministry of the man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc., DD.

Weaving through scriptures, the man of God illumined the minds of the congregation to vital realities of the word of God, showing through the scriptures, the epistles particularly, the place of a Christian in the kingdom of heaven.

One of his exposé was on what it means to be 'seated together with Christ' and Pastor Chris explained this through the verses of one of the epistles of Apostle Paul- the book of Ephesians chapter 1 verse 21 and chapter 2 from verse 4 to 6.

Pastor Chris also emphasized the importance of responding to the Word of God. Watch this video of the inspiring teaching with the consciousness to respond to the Word the man of God shares.

Fresh revelations of Christianity delivered at 'An Evening with the Word'

"You Are An Offspring Of God" -Pastor Chris Says, Of Christians

Meditation, the mirror principle, used in elucidating Christianity at 'An Evening with the Word'

"You have to learn to meditate on the word until you are completely inundated with the thoughts of God!" 

This video starts out with the man of God describing the gulf of distance caused by not meditating on the word of God. He explains this situation as someone trying to catch up with the Word, where in reality, the word should be living in you. "That's Christianity," Pastor Chris summarized. 

He further taught that the Christian is a product, an offspring of the word.

Find more of the realities of Christianity in the featured video from the Evening with the Word with Pastor Chris.