Thousands experience and witness the divine healing power of God at healing service with Pastor Chris.

The second and the final healing service of the 2018 Healing School August Session held on Sunday, August 26th, with thousands present to experience and witness the healing power of God.

The Healing School August Session was a wonderful season of the supernatural, overflowing with testimonies, miracles, signs, wonders, restoration, salvation and lots more, culminating in an extraordinary service yesterday.

Like in times past, the Healing Service was filled with accounts of divine healing miracles and the realization of hopes that lives will be restored, yokes destroyed, tears wiped away and faith stirred in the hearts of many who came with a desire for their miracle.

Passionate prayers and worship prepare thousands for an outpouring of God’s love in their healing.

The second healing service of the 2018 August Session commenced with intense moments of worship and supplications, as many anticipated supernatural moments in the miraculous.

Present in the auditorium were people from various walks of life, who had waited earnestly for the day that would mark an end to their sicknesses and pain. With hands and expectant hearts lifted to the Lord, the atmosphere was saturated with the glory of God.

Through sessions of passionate prayers, the power of God was released for the outpouring of God’s immense love, kindness and compassion upon all who put their trust in Him for an end to their ailments.

“I’m Living My Full Life Now!” — 26-Year-Old Tasha says after Healing from Cancer

Revelations 12:11 says, “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” This scripture aptly describes the lives of those who were healed in previous Healing School sessions with the man of God, Pastor Chris. One after the other, they shared their stories of the miraculous. They were full of praise and joy, inspiring faith and hope in the hearts of many with their riveting testimonies.

35-year-old Miracle Okwudiri testified of the miraculous birth of her baby, after a decade of childlessness. "I thank God today, because He put a smile on my face through the man of God, Pastor Chris," she testified.

Sarah Dako shared exuberantly about her healing, following her encounter with the man of God, from myriads of ailments. The debilitating effects of mixed connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and all that had plagued her, had become history.

"I'm living my life to the full now. Since I left the Healing School, I've never set foot in any hospital," 26-year-old Tasha Addo remarked. She celebrated her freedom from Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Sickle Cell Anaemia after Pastor Chris ministered to her.

Pandithasekera Bernadeth spoke joyfully about her newfound strength since she received her healing from multiple sclerosis. Full of excitement, she exclaimed, "It feels so good to be well!"

Faith was stirred in the hearts of many in the auditorium, especially those who were in line for their miracles, leaving them confident that what God does for one, He will do for them under the same circumstances.

Cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, other infirmities healed by the power of God at the Healing School August 2018 session.

The atmosphere was electrified with the power of God as the man of God, Pastor Chris, entered the auditorium during the healing service that held on Sunday, August 26th.

The presence of God was tangible, and the congregants stood in awe of the manifestation of the Spirit evident in the healing of the sick. Loud cheers, dancing and jumping characterized the moments as thousands of students rejoiced for their miracles, doing what they could not do before.

Cancers, heart diseases, peptic ulcers, diabetes, infertility, infectious diseases and blood conditions bowed to the blessed name of Jesus Christ!

Healing School August Session Culminates in an Outpouring of Blessings

Following the phenomenal ministration and celebration of thousands of healing miracles, the man of God Pastor Chris admonished the students to live in the Word and to enjoy the blessings of supernatural health.

Pastor Chris warmly recognized and extended heartfelt greetings to visiting ministers present at the service. He appreciated the beloved partners of the Healing School for their unwavering commitment to changing lives around the world.

Many unsaved who were in attendance also had the priceless opportunity for a fresh start by receiving Jesus as their Lord, being led to salvation by the man of God. The blissful moments came to a glorious conclusion with words of blessing released to all present from the lips of the BLW President.

Though the session has come to an end, the testimonies will remain forever! Thousands of lives have been saved, healed and transformed eternally. For more highlights of the just-concluded August Session with Pastor Chris, follow the Healing School SuperUser on KingsChat and visit