"God Is Going to Use Nigeria to Shake the World!" — Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn inspires lofty, glorious, expectations in delegates of this timely conference.

In the featured interview with Pastor Benny Hinn, the healing evangelist poses a remarkable question that ignites the embers of God's power for the realization of lofty expectations: "why is it that the greatest move of God today is happening among Nigerian people," he asks!

The 3-day Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn in Lagos, Nigeria, which held recently at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena, was a time of positioning God's ministers in the nation for the next phase of His work through them. "I’m here, because God decided that I need to come, and I have a job to do that is going to ignite something fresh in the people," Pastor Benny divulges in the stirring interview above.

Thousands Equipped for Effective Ministry at Special Pastors' Conference, Lagos

LoveWorld Convocation Arena charged with God's power as Pastor Benny teaches ministers.

The LoveWorld Convocation Arena was saturated with God's divine presence as renowned healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, shared God's Word with thousands of ministers from all over Nigeria and different parts of Africa. Many more were connected to the revelations being poured out as gushers of living water via LIVE stream on this site, CeFLIX and more.

The BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, welcomed and introduced Pastor Benny with exemplary love, bearing witness to the unique plan of God for ministers in Nigeria through the healing evangelist's visit. An atmosphere of worship, inspired through musical renditions by LMAM artistes, Sinach, T-Sharp, Eben and more, prepared the ministers to receive new revelations, graces and inspiration.

Pastor Benny Hinn went on to give an exposé on the person of the Holy Spirit and His unique ministry in us. The ministers were re-awakened to their oneness with God as creatures in which the Spirit of God dwells in His entirety. Their consciousness was further established in the global congregation of ministers that we are, indeed, hid in God.

Pastor Benny Hinn Introduces Ministers to '3 Ignitions of the Holy Ghost'

Connection between the scriptures, communion and worship revealed to ministers.

The first session of the 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn in Lagos, Nigeria, availed thousands of ministers the privilege of revelation concerning the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Benny discussed the outcomes of the Holy Ghost's presence in the life of the believer in hunger, faith and love, connecting these to what he termed the three ignitions of the Holy Ghost. "When the scriptures come alive, communion comes alive; when communion comes alive, worship comes alive," the healing evangelist said, highlighting the Word, communion and worship as these ignitions.

Pastor Benny Hinn Helps Ministers Discover Jesus in the Old Testament

Ministers discover revelations of the person of Jesus in the stories of Joseph and Isaac.

In the first session of the Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn, the healing evangelist took thousands of ministers present on a journey through the Old Testament as he unveiled the person of Jesus in the stories of characters such as Joseph and Isaac.

"God did not give us the story of Joseph so that we know about Joseph," he said, explaining the parallels and underlying implications contained in the Old Testament stories with which believers all over the world are familiar. The healing evangelist said "it'll change your life," explaining the impact of these scriptural discoveries to the Pastors and leaders.

"God Has Chosen Nigeria to Be a Light to the Nations!" — Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny prophesies, "Nigeria will shake the world with the power of the Holy Ghost!"

An atmosphere like that experienced by thousands of ministers at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena during this conference was not only beyond description, but it also elicited dynamic and powerfully prophetic utterances.

"Nigeria is ready for the greatest move of God in the history of this country," Pastor Benny declared as he witnessed to ministers at the Special Pastors' Conference concerning the spiritual climate over the nation. He passionately called on the Pastors and leaders to take up their role, fulfilling God's blessing on Nigeria as "a light to the nations."

Speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Benny said "be ready to be used of God...to influence churches in America, Europe and the world." With these words and several others, the eyes of the excited ministers were lifted to see what more God has planned for them and for the nation, Nigeria

Second Night of Special Pastors' Conference Begins with Inspiring Testimonies

Heavenly rendezvous of God's ministers continues in deeper and higher glory.

The second session of the 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, commenced for the second meeting and once again, the LoveWorld Convocation Arena became the location of a Heavenly rendezvous, an assembly that will determine the future of the nation and the rest of the world.

CEC Member, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, and BLW Assistant Secretary-General, Pastor Karen Victor, led the ministers in sessions of fervent prayers, interceding for the nation of Nigeria and declaring that the prophetic utterances of men and women of God concerning her will be established. The shouts of victory that concluded these times of prayer signified a brighter future for the world as a consequence of ministers in the nation taking up their role as "a light to the nations"!

Ministers from different parts of the nation joyously testified of the impact of Pastor Chris' ministry, drawing connections between pivotal points in their walk with God and impartations of the Spirit through the man of God. They also graciously expressed their gratitude to God for the first night's session with Pastor Benny Hinn, identifying it as a point of transformation in their ministry.

Heartfelt worship, led by LMAM artistes, Joe Praize, Chris Shalom, Israel Strong and Sister Eniola further ignited a communion of the Spirit and meditation on the Word, just as Pastor Benny taught in previous night's session.

BLW President Introduces Pastor Benny Hinn as a 'Man Sent from God'

Pastor Chris welcomes Pastor Benny during second session of ministers' conference.

Describing "gifts of the Holy Ghost" in Hebrews 2:4 to mean distributions of the Spirit according, Pastor Chris showed the congregation of ministers during last night's program what identifies a minister of the Gospel.

"What a minister of God does is he ministers and distributes the Spirit; that’s what makes a man of God so different from a preacher," the man of God said, as he introduced the healing evangelist's ministration for the night. Pastor Chris admonished delegates of the conference to receive every word from Pastor Benny as "out-breathings of God"!

"The Holy Spirit is Our Professor!" — Pastor Benny Hinn

"Christianity is a revelation and the Holy Spirit is the great revealer," Pastor Benny explains!

At the final night's session of the 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, ushered in a higher realm of glory for thousands of ministers gathered at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena and watching from different parts of the world.

Ministering concerning the life of a believer, particularly a minister of God, Pastor Benny emphasized the role of the Holy Spirit as the source of our enlightenment to understand the scriptures. He said, "[the Holy Spirit] empowers us to know the scriptures," encouraging the Pastors and leaders not to approach God's word with "head knowledge." The ministers were lifted in their spirits to know they are temples of "the great revealer", the one who gives revelation truth.

Pastor Benny Hinn Teaches Ministers to Revere God's Anointed Men and Women

"God will not hold anyone guiltless who will touch the anointed," Pastor Benny teaches.

The concluding session of the 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn was an opportunity for ministers present to experience streams of revelations in God's Word and be rightly positioned to walk in the power of the Spirit by functioning within the ambits of God's instructions.

In the featured video excerpt from last night's teaching, Pastor Benny sternly admonishes ministers to refrain from speaking against anointed men and women of God. "If the Lord called them, don’t touch them, whether you agree with them or not," he warned delegates, highlighting the consequences of disobeying this instruction as issued in 1 Chronicles 16:21-22 and Psalm 105:14-15.

Atmosphere of Worship at Ministers' Final Session with Pastor Benny Hinn

Environment of worship and prayer sets the stage for Pastor Benny's final session with ministers.

The 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn attained a crescendo through sessions of dynamic teachings and uplifting moments of worship and praise with thousands of ministers transported from one level of glory to another at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena.

The final session in this glorious encounter with God's Spirit in divine revelations and impartations kicked off, with LMAM artistes, Sinach, Eben, Jahdiel and more helped to set the stage for a zenith in the Spirit's plan for the congregation of ministers through awe-inspiring worship and praise.

The BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, acknowledged the heightened expectation in the atmosphere as he welcomed the healing evangelist. Pastor Benny Hinn, upon taking the stage, led the ministers once again in rousing worship to the Lord through powerful songs and hymns.

At the conclusion of this session, the future of nations has been secured through the preparation of God's Spirit at work in participating ministers, now fully equipped to take the message of Christ's salvation to the ends of the earth with boldness and confidence.


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