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The much- anticipated Loveworld Festival of Music and Arts ( LFMA) 2017, commenced on Thursday April 27th at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC, South Africa. LFMA showcases the best of the best in Christian gospel artistry, entertainment, and much more which have been tailored to cater for the whole family, youths and kids alike.

Delegates have travelled from far and wide to experience the historic moments, inspiration, superlative performances and unparalleled creativity at the 2nd biennial second- to-none event. With more than 30,000 delegates attending the 1st edition daily for four days, the gates opened to receive the excited and expectant delegates.

This year’s edition began with an opening ceremony in the early afternoon of Thursday April 27th, where delegates for the festival were joined by esteemed members of the CEC, Pastors and dignitaries. The Opening Prayer was said by the esteemed UK Regional Pastor, Rev Ray Okocha and an opening speech delivered by the chairperson of the Organizing Committee and Regional Pastor, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. The Director of Church Ministry, Rev Tom Amenkhienan cut the tape to officially open the 4- day gospel extravaganza and an amazing confetti of ballons followed with shouts of joy and excitement filling the arena.

Several musicians, comedians and dancers from across the Believers’ Loveworld nation took the global stage at the first day’s event and every artiste exhibited a unique exceptionalism in presenting their piece. Tunes and melodies of God’s love spoke to the souls and hearts of all present, releasing joy unspeakable and confident assurance for the future. While the children enjoyed more fun activities and exciting engagements than they could possibly have anticipated, teens and young adults spent time at the Youth Center, engaging in several games and entertained by a LIVE DJ and amazing music. Enlightening seminars on health- living, business and technology were also a part of the day’s package and delegates enjoyed the moments of inspiration and information.

The high point of the day was the arrival and grand reception for the President, BLW Inc., Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome DSc, D.D. He warmly welcomed everyone present to the historic event, inspiring them to enjoy all the blessings of faith, hope and joy that every moment presents to them at the festival. Pastor Chris led the delegates in a session of heartfelt intercession for South Africa, releasing words of restoration, healing and prosperity; what a time of change for the nation.

Delegates attending the LFMA for the first time and thousands more that were privileged to partake of its first instalment agree that the glory of the on-going festival far exceeds expectations and prior standards in excellence and creativity.

Creative Genius in Music, Dance and the Arts in Exhibition at #LFMA2017

Sinach leads rousing worship with 'I Live for You' in this clip from Moments at LFMA 2017.

The LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts lives up to its tagline, 'beyond imagination', yet again, in this peculiar 'Year of Flourishing'. True to the words of the esteemed Regional Pastor of the Southern Africa Region, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome, on the first night of the LFMA 2017, we have thus far experienced "the finest music, thrilling dance steps, inspirational poetry, unique artistry in productions and so much more!”

In the featured video, among other exceptional performances, LoveWorld News brings you the sights and sounds of God's glorified ones pouring out worship as the globally renowned music minister, Sinach, sings 'I Live for You'. Shortly after dancing and rejoicing along with several acts, the crowd worshipped with tears of joy in an ethereal atmosphere.

The experience, is not soon to be forgotten, impressing in the hearts of everyone in attendance a realization of a higher dimension in exceptionalism and fellowship with the Spirit.

The President and Senior Pastors Dance to the Sound of Ur Flames' H.U.G.U.R.U.

Memorable dance fiesta with Pastor Chris and Senior Pastors as Ur Flames rocks #LFMA2017.

"Songs are important; dance as well," Pastor Chris said to a boisterously excited audience that took the President's words to heart, dancing without inhibitions in joy and gratitude to a faithful God.

From Pastor Jevon's 'Praise the Lord' to Peter Tobe's dance track, the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts provided more opportunities than one to celebrate flourishing in ingenuity. You don't want to miss a special dance fiesta in the featured video, experiencing the BLW President and Senior Pastors like you may have never seen them before.

Crowd Celebrates Jesus with Songs of Victories Foretold at #LFMA2017

Peek into the #LFMA2017 experience as Jesus runs the show, one hit track after another.

The LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts 2017 traversed the gamut of all musical genres, delivering soulful songs of worship and declarations of our faith.

There's no deciphering the grace in manifestation as God's lavish coat of many colors given to the highly esteemed President is lavishly exuded from his sons and daughters through the arts. The featured video gives you a peek into an exciting rock performance, 'Jesus Runs the Show' and a soulful, meditative, new track by Sister Wisdom.

Frank Edwards' 'Under the Canopy' Gets a Colorful LFMA Stage Debut

Frank Edwards, Obi Shine, other all-stars set the Nasrec stadium afire with excitement.

The word 'phenomenal' cuts it close to describing the excitement as LMAM all-stars took to the global stage at the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts, but no words truly encapsulate the beauty unfolding by the day at the Nasrec Expo Center in Johannesburg.

Get dancing in the Spirit as you profess your faith along with Obi Shine, ministering the song 'Zoe' in the featured video. Without skipping a beat, Kasid brought the crowd to further declarations of our Christ-led resolve to take the world with the Gospel of Christ, with the song 'Man on a Mission'. One of the major highlights of the second day in #LFMA2017 was, however, the stage debut of Frank Edwards' 'Under the Canopy'.

Truly, like one of the comperes for the night, Yvonne de Graaf gladly exclaimed, there's "nothing like it anywhere in the world!"

#LFMA2017 Breaks Continental Barriers with Music from Around the World

All-Stars deliver rhema-laden feature presentation amidst music from around the world.

"God is a creator, and the major thing we do at the LFMA is to showcase and celebrate His creative abilities inside each and everyone of us," rap artiste, Carltone, said to the bubbling audience, succinctly describing the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts.

Everywhere was lit and agog with super excitement at the #LFMA2017! Every moment was packed with so much fun amidst the resplendent glory that filled the entire arena. The featured clip contains a special ministration by music ministers from Hawaii, singing a hip hop track, 'Soldiers for the Lord', again reminding delegates of the greatest calling in all the world.

Lyrically and vocally savvy, Brother Isaiah, serenaded with a special song, while the LoveWorld All-Stars delivered a rhema-laden feature presentation, 'Complete in You', bearing the flags of nations in a symbolic take-over through the Gospel.

Dive into Special Moments from the Second Day at #LFMA2017

LoveWorld News brings you an exclusive view of the second day at the evening stage.

Pictures do say a thousand words, but even images and short clips are not enough to communicate the totality of the experience at the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts 2017, every second translating thousands present into a new realm of possibilities.

The featured clip attempts to capture some of the special moments from the second day at the #LFMA2017; from the stage to the arena, the artistes to the people, the hosts and comperes, there's no shortage of inspiration. No single day at the global festival was like the other, communicating a freshness that could only be by God's Spirit.

Pastor Chris Walked onto the #LFMA2017 Stage, No One Expected What Followed

Find out the unexpected occurence as the BLW President is welcomed onto the stage.

Esteemed Zonal Directors and Pastors from across the BLW Nation stood at attention as the BLW President and Commander-in-Chief was welcomed into the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts 2017 on the second night of the uniquely special jamboree. However, the extraordinary men that made the man of God welcome did not expect what followed.

Upon receiving the salute of these senior commandants in God's end-time army, the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, said "tonight is more special than you think," leading to an unforgettable experience that you would have to watch the featured video to experience. It was one to be remembered for generations to come and that has undoubtedly transformed destinies.

Apart from the divinely orchestrated occurrence that followed the welcome of the President, several prophecies flowed out by God's Spirit to the artistes that minister on the #LFMA2017 stage and to everyone present in the arena. You don't want to miss any of it, brought to you exclusively in the featured video.

Indulge in Special Moments from Daytime Activities at the Nasrec Expo Center

Exclusive peek into what happened at the Nasrec Expo Center in the daytime during #LFMA2017.

The LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts serves as the perfect family vacation, running from the early hours of the morning till the night and offering several fun, educative, inspiring and entertaining options to keep the kids, young adults and professionals engaged, uninterruptedly.

In the featured clip, catch a glimpse into just a few of the several arenas that characterised the epochal LFMA season at the Nasrec Expo Center, Johannesburg. From the Youth Zone, where the Campus Ministry hosted young adults to high-energy music ministrations with a LIVE DJ and special appearances by CEC Members to the Fun Zone, where the future of music and arts is discovered, there was no shortage of excitement at #LFMA2017.

The grand festival, as its name implies, reresents much more than music. You get to enjoy highlights of sporting activities, creative and inspired fashion shows, a LIVE orchestra onsite at the Nasrec Expo Center, the Kiddies' Zone, an international exhibition center and much more. All of these still don't suffice to summarize the experience at the 2017 edition of LFMA. It's simply "beyond imagination"

Breathtaking Costumes and Extravagant Floats Mark #LFMA2017 Carnival Kick-Off

#LFMA2017 ramps up to a kaleidoscopic carnival testifying to the BLW coat of many colors.

The LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts 2017 was taken up a notch in day 3 as the Nasrec Expo Center became the location of a kaleidoscopic carnival, revealing the creativity of BLW citizens from various zones across the world.

Chuckles of children and laughter of adults filled the air as brethren in costumes of lions, camels, plants, kings, queens, and even 10-foot stilt walkers, paraded the #LFMA2017 facility. The colorful showcase, including specially choreographed dances and victorious chants livened the #LFMA2017 even more. Kids and adults joined the march for a most memorable festival experience.

The BLW President Experiences Carnival Opening at the #LFMA2017

Experience the colorful LFMA 2017 carnival procession with the man of God, Pastor Chris.

The beauty of the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts carnival procession bears witness to the colorful life we have in Christ Jesus, calling to remembrance the Master's mission statement, "that [we] may have and enjoy life!" (John 10:10 AMP)

Adorned in a debonair jacket and captivating sunglasses, the BLW President made his entry to the carnival procession grounds, welcomed by shouts of joy and excitement from the procession and its onlookers. Pastor Chris expressed visible delight as each zone presented its uniquely-themed costumes and carefully decorated float.


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