2017 ISM


Thousands of ministers from around the world assemble for "a gathering in the unity of faith."

The 2017 edition of the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network (ISMMN) Conference commenced on April 3rd. Delegates from all around the world were warmly received at a welcome banquet earlier in the day, and they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the agenda for Kingdom expansion this Year of Flourishing at the Connect Center.

The evening session began with an extraordinary Opening Ceremony, featuring spectacular presentations from South Korea and Australia, a Roll Call of Nations and a special parade where representatives from every nation proudly brandished their national flags and stood in the gap for their countries.

In her welcome address, the ISM Director, Pastor Deola Phillips, heartily greeted all delegates gathered for this special time of fellowship, inspiration, blessing and transportation to a higher level of glory. “Though we serve in various ministries, we are one body, having one hope and one faith in our Lord. We have become an unstoppable, formidable force for the establishment of God’s Kingdom around the world,” she said. She went on to catalogue some of the significant attainments made by this extraordinary fellowship of ministers in the past year, citing that, “this conference will further strengthen our oneness and lift us to do greater exploits in the Kingdom as God’s team.”

In a special address given by the BLW Director of Church Ministry, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, he highlighted that the conference is, “a gathering in the unity of faith for the purpose of the gospel.” He further assured the delegates that there will be a total turnaround in their lives by reason of the conference. “What comes to mind about this conference is what you will take away from here. There’s something new, something fresh coming to your spirit. You will be charged with renewed fervor and zeal,” he pointed out. He rounded up his address by urging everyone to avoid distractions and to open their hearts and minds to the ministry of the Spirit at this life-changing event.

The evening session was further punctuated with several inspiring talk shows and amazing reports from ministers in the ISM on the impact of the Gospel in their respective nations. The guest speaker for the evening, Bishop Tamas Raki from Hungary, stirred the attendees to grow their passion for the salvation of souls and to promote the glory of the Lord in the earth.

BLW President Delivers Perspective-Shifting Knowledge at Ministers' Conference

"Your standard of life will depend on your knowledge and application of the Word." — Pastor Chris

The highpoint for the first day in the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Conference was the opportunity for increased knowledge as the man of God, Pastor Chris, exhorted the delegates with the Word.

The attendees were eager to receive as the BLW President welcomed them to this edition of the annual ISMMN Conference. He appreciated the organizing committee for putting together such an amazing program, thanking them for their labor of love in the spread of the Gospel. He also assured the ministers of definite growth and spiritual elevation at this conference; “by the time we’re through with the conference, you will know that you have been in the presence of the Lord,” he told the gathering.

Going into the message, Pastor Chris pointed out that, “every one of us wants to be a successful minister, because we love God, and we want to please Him.” He went on to explain the secret; “as a minister, you need to understand the Gospel. Just because a message sounds nice doesn’t mean it’s the truth,” he said. “No one can live above their understanding of the Gospel. The more you understand the Word and walk in the light of it, the greater liberties in the Spirit you will enjoy.”

The man of God proceeded to expatiate on different perspective-shifting truths. He explained to the ministers: “The reward of your labour of love for the Lord is in Heaven, not in the earth. God doesn’t reward your service to Him by giving you money or health – your standard of life will depends on your knowledge and application of the Word. There’s a difference between faith and faithfulness.”

Pastor Chris concluded the meeting for the day with the promise to take the delegates higher in the revelation of the Word as the conference progresses. The ministers are highly inspired and look forward to the days ahead.

Ministers' Conference Delegates Inspired to Pursue Love and the Right Message

Speakers and panelists inspire ministers to walk in love and proclaim the Gospel in truth.

The second day of the 2017 International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference started off on a high note this morning. Ready to receive and full of anticipation, the ministers arrived promptly for the morning session, which began with times of prayer and worship.

Delegates had been greatly inspired and stirred for greater works by listening to the various speakers and panelists at this riveting session. There were also several impactful strategy sessions that helped the ministers identify various avenues they can harness for kingdom expansion.

In a lively talk show segment, several ministers relived the previous day’s experience. Sharing his resolve after a remarkable encounter with the Word, Pastor Peter Hoolmsgard from Denmark said, “We will take the words spoken, live by it and demonstrate it. Thank you for inviting us to come for this conference. I am so glad for being allowed to connect to this grace.”

Discussing the impact of the ISMMN Conference over the years, one of the panelists, Evangelist Alankamani Vedamonickam from India said, “Every conference is designed to empower us and inspire us. In this place, the Word of God gives us a better understanding of the Gospel.” He further emphasized that “Jesus is coming very soon; the Gospel has to reach everywhere. So, this conference is not about you or me, it’s about the nations.”

The first guest speaker was Pastor John Mosepele of New Creation Centre International in South Africa, and he exhorted the attendees with a message on ‘the Ministers’ Walk of Love’. “God has chosen us to unite His church, and the only way you can do it is to walk in love,” he said.

In an electrifying super session, the ISM Chairman, Pastor Andrew Mutondoro, talked to the delegates about ‘the Minister and His Message’. He said, “you’re a product of the message you have. When I see Pastor Chris, I see the right message and the right vision, that is changing many lives and growing everywhere, every day. So, what Gospel do you have?”

After the exhiliarating morning session, the delegates visited the Connect Centre. Their hearts have been loaded with fresh insight, but even more insight awaited them at the evening session later that night with the man of God.

Praise, Prayer and Fellowship at Evening Session of 2017 ISMMN Conference

Inspiring accounts of Gospel exploits in several nations inspire ministers.

The second evening session of the ISMMN Conference, was a most phenomenal episode. Sonorous melodies filled the air as the choir led in beautiful songs of worship.

The ministers spent time praying for Christians facing persecution all over the world, interceding for the increased spread of the Gospel in every nation. Special presentations and music ministrations from countries like Armenia and Switzerland had the audience lifting their hands in adoration to the King.

Just as iron sharpens iron, several ministers – sharing their testimonies and praise reports of the prevailing Word in their lives, ministries, countries – spurred others to do more in spreading the Gospel to every man’s world. ISM cell leaders in Puerto Rico, Poland and Madagascar gave inspiring accounts of the exploits they had made in their respective countries in the past year, following the Word they received at last year’s conference.

Another talk show, tagged ‘the Gospel in My Country’, featured ministers from Pakistan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates who, despite the strong opposition against Christianity, are winning souls and bringing many to the true knowledge of Christ.

The newly appointed South African Minister of Tourism, Minister Tokozile Xasa, addressed the congregation, extending an official welcome to all delegates. She stressed that gatherings like this are important for promoting love. “Your being here is improving the lives of South Africans, and we thank you,” she said.

Pastor Jella Wojacek of You Church, Switzerland, shared a most inspiring message on increasing the grace. Citing the scripture in 2 Peter 3:18, he emphasized that “the degree or measure of grace seen in our lives is up to us; we have the responsibility to grow and multiply it, and ensure that it is seen in our lives.”

Ministers Receive Higher Revelations of the Word as Pastor Chris Teaches

"What gets your attention? Your senses or the Spirit?" Pastor asked at ISM Ministers' Conference.

With the entrance of the Word, delegates at the ISMMN Conference were enlightened as the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, ministered the Word.

In his teaching, Pastor Chris maintained that there is a mindset for fulfilling ministry. “The Word of God delivers to us a way of thinking – a mentality. You can’t carry out ministry with the mentality of your upbringing or ethnicity; you can’t think like a Zambian and live the Christian life,” Pastor Chris elucidated.

He admonished the delegates to, “endeavor to know the Lord’s way by studying His Word. If you’re in Christ, it means you’re no longer operating the world’s system; you operate in Christ. When you live in Christ, you don’t see the problems.”

Advancing, Pastor Chris stated that, “there are three laws that the new creation must be conscious of: the law of faith, the law of life (or the law of the Spirit of life) and the law of love.” He explained the scripture in Romans 8:1-2, that the new creation in Christ operates the law of life, which makes him free from the law of sin and its consequence, which is death.

“To walk after the flesh means to walk according to your senses and emotions. What gets your attention? Your senses or the Spirit? Take the Word and live by it. Set your mind, your focus on the Word,” Pastor concluded.

Strengthened, encouraged and blessed with the Word, the ministers took to heart the instruction from the man of God to prepare specially for the last day of the conference. Everyone departed with gladness in their hearts at the wonderful things they had learned. Each anticipated a most glorious time at the final day as this superlative conference drew close to conclusion in victory.

Celebration and Rejoicing at Today's Morning Session of the ISMMN Conference

Word sessions, strategic discourses and awards earmark morning session of Ministers' Conference.

Superlative sessions with the Word and strategic discourse segments earmarked the morning session on the third and final day of the ISM Ministers' Network Conference.

Pastor Kelepi Veikoso exhorted the delegates on the power of tongues, emphasizing that a man or woman of God must worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth. In his message on ‘Reaching the Lost’, Dr. Mahareb Shawky from Egypt said, “We must do what the Lord has sent us to do. We have been enabled to reach the lost with the power of the Holy Ghost and the authority in the name of Jesus.” The final super session for the morning was taken by Evangelist Alankamani Vedamonickam, who admonished the gathering on ‘the Holy Spirit and Prayer’.

There was much rejoicing among the ministers as they celebrated their significant attainments in the past year during a special ISMMN Awards segment. ISM cell leaders and other ministers were specially acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to the work of the ministry and the expansion of God’s Kingdom, being commended for a job well done.

The ISM Director – Pastor Deola Phillips – appreciated the ministers, saying “thank you every one for all that you have done. As a network, we have grown tremendously. Your being a part of it is a witness that the Spirit of the Lord is working here. Awards are meant to inspire you for more exploits, and we could only recognize a few, but we look forward to that ultimate reward when we meet our Lord Jesus.”

The ministers proceeded to the ISMMN Connect Centre for more information on how to flourish through participation in the BLW Ministry's platforms for global evangelism. What a remarkable build-up to the finale for this wonderful conference. The atmosphere was super charged with excitement, and the delegates were expectant for a time of glorious fellowship with the man of God, Pastor Chris, that night.

Final Chapter of 2017 ISM Ministers' Network Conference Kicks Off in Power

Delegates from Gabon, Pakistan, China, others add color to conference with lively presentations.

It was an august gathering of ministers, who had been seasoned by the Word of grace and truth, under the ministration of the man of God, Pastor Chris — the final session of the 2017 ISMMN Conference. Delegates had been blessed with several lively presentations from Gabon, Pakistan, China, Brazil and South Africa.

Talk show segments featured highly motivating discussions from cell leaders and Pastors, who are making history for the Gospel in their countries and various mission fields. Many of them expressed the desire to do even more than ever before after this conference. Talking about kindling a fresh fire for the Gospel in Bolivia, Pastor David Taboara said, “When I leave here, I am going back to my country to shake it. I will take this Word to Bolivia, and I will return next year with results and testimonies.”

The ministers were further impacted by ministrations from guest speakers. First up was Pastor Daniel Vindighni with the message, ‘Ministering to the Lord’. He stated that, “When you want God to do something, it’s not about when He’s going to do it. God’s timing depends on your faith and your communication. It is important to understand what true worship is; you must learn how to take advantage of God’s love in worship.”

This was followed by a very stirring message on ‘Faith to Win Our World’ by Bishop Karambiri Mahmoud. He stressed that, “to change your world, you must renew your mindset. You must manifest faith; you must operate the laws of faith and love. Be confident and aware that the Holy Spirit is in you.”

The ministers were led in segments of praise and worship as they readied themselves for the concluding segment with the man of God, Pastor Chris.

Ministers from 165 Nations Convene for Final Session of ISMMN Conference

"Christ is your country," Pastor Chris enlightens ministers in final session of ISMMN Conference!

In his message during the final session of the ISM Ministers' Network Conference, Pastor Chris taught that we are in Christ. “Christ is a person, and Christ is a place. Jesus is a person, but when we were born again, we were born into a place, a new environment called Christ,” he said. “Walk in Him and live in Him,” he continued.

The BLW President expatiated further, saying “Christ is your country; with respect to the spirit realm, you're abroad. Relate with the world from the perspective of your heavenly life.” The meeting progressed to another level, and it was time for a different kind impartation as the man of God ministered spiritual gifts to the ministers with the laying on of hands and with many remarkable prophecies.

Thereafter, the ministers prayed earnestly for the peace and prosperity of South Africa and the prevalence of the Gospel in the land. The man of God also led the congregation to pray for nations where there is trouble and turmoil, countries like Israel, Palestine and Syria, admonishing the delegates to remember to pray for them regularly.

Pastor Chris proclaimed blessings of increased grace and greater impact upon all present and closed the meeting, and consequently, the conference.

For three days and three nights, these men and women of God had been specially ministered to by God’s Spirit. In the words of our man of God, “the church is about to move into the most glorious time ever.” It’s a whole new level of flourishing, and the Word of the Lord will prevail in the earth like never before. Hallelujah!


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