Anticipate an Overflow of Unprecedented Miracles and Blessings at the Higher Life Conference Happening this October in Benin!!!

The Higher Life Conference is an opportune time for increase, promotion and transformation by the word. This time, the Spirit of God is set to usher many into a new level of glory; as the ancient city of Benin in Edo State Nigeria plays host to the Man of God Pastor Chris for the program. It will be 3 days of power and glory as multitudes experience the word and miracles, just as in the days of Jesus.

The Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris has held in different cities and countries around the world, including Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg in South Africa, Texas in the United States, Toronto Canada and London, in the United Kingdom. Many have been lifted, blessed and healed; as the man of God ministered to them in the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel of Christ. And as always, the Lord confirmed his words with signs, wonders and diverse miracles.

The previous edition of the Higher Life Conference in Benin City was a chronicle of uncommon miracles witnessed by the hundreds of thousands in attendance. The blind saw, the deaf heard and the dumb spoke. It was an avalanche of testimonies and a demonstration of the integrity of God's word. None present at the arena left untouched by the power of God so tangibly manifested in the meetings.

The Higher Life conference Benin 2017 with Pastor Chris will surely be no different. The excitement is palpable as preparations are in full gear , both in the host city and environs, towards the conference. It will definitely be a time of revelations by the word; each basking in the indescribable bliss of the liquid, uncensored and lavish love of God

19th - 21st October, 2017
6pm Daily
Christ Embassy Crusade Grounds; KM 12, Benin-Sapele Rd., Obe Benin-City, Nigeria
Registration to attend this event is NECESSARY BUT ABSOLUTELY FREE! To register kindly Click Here

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