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Despondency Turned into Delight as Past Students Inspire Faith with Testimonies

Despondency Turned into Delight as Past Students Inspire Faith with Testimonies

“I slept every day with uncertainty of waking up…but now I’m alive,” Zoleka Yeko testifies.

Healing testimonies are the evidence of the wonder-working power of God at the Healing School of the man of God, Pastor Chris. To whet the faith of all those waiting in line to receive healing in their bodies, past students of the Healing School took the stage amidst loud cheers to narrate their encounter with divine healing and the restorative power of God at the Healing School.
Grace Thelma Nolani became troubled with shortness of breath that led to sleeplessness and inability to do her routine chores. Her visit to the hospital revealed the diagnosis of asthma, a condition she had to live with for a long time, aided by inhalers. These were to no avail until she came to the Healing School and was gloriously healed.
Life became a burden for the once-vibrant Zoleka Yeko after she developed heart failure for which a pace-maker was inserted to aid her ailing heart. “I slept every day with uncertainty of waking up… but now I’m alive!”, she exclaimed, as she recounted her transforming experience when the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to her at the Healing School.
Myriam Thong-Kay celebrated her life of strength and vitality after years of ordeal as a result of chronic lower back pain. Full of faith and confidence, Myriam now testifies of a new life in the Word of God which has kept her living victoriously.
18-year-old Janice Sithole Masani thrilled the congregants with her heart-warming testimony; how despondency was turned into a life of delight following her encounter with the man of God, Pastor Chris. Today, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and bipolar disorder are a thing of the past for Janice. Surely, these testimonies have revved up faith in the hearts of expectant students. .


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    A Spirit power life built on the scriptures. Words of life and Power. Greater, greater than our enemies and all their poison. Greater than all their gang stalking, abuse, surveillance- control freaks. Control freaks who want to drag you down with them, to their level. God is the only God higher, greater full of power and whose ways are a wonder. "the Lord is above all gods for the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them" "though i walk through the midst of trouble thou wilt revive me" "greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world" "Whatsoever is Born of God overcometh the world and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith". Building up faith is awesome! haha it overcomes the world! Building with scriptures that say Victory! Triumph! Conquer! uPower! Glory! Thats a sure place to dwell!.A fortress!

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    A massive congratulations to all FALA Award recipients and to the Star Winner, Naomi and I am confident that this greater is not limited to Youths below 40 alone. I am so much convinced there is a pressing need to rise of the task even at 40+ age is not and will never be a barrier for me. There are lots to do rather than complaints, criticism and castigation. To all the Loveworld Family, you are real a good an example to the Body of Christ and the whole wide world , it will always be from Glory to Glory in Jesus. Thank YOU for Re branding Africa by giving it a new name, no longer a Doom but GREEN ! I LOVE and CELEBRATE YOU SIR, MAN OF GOD: PASTOR CHRIS. My 7and 4years old son and daughter can wait to meet with you one day.

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    I love you so much Pastor Thank you so much for being my great father Pastor life Coach and my everything

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    Epic & Very Inspirational to the whole body of Christ. We applaud you our 2 Mighty Generals of God Ps Chris & Benny Hinn We See the prayer the Lord Prayed over 2 millennia ago fulfilled in our eyes "That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” "

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    It is so wonderful to see two men of God working together and fellowshipping see the Kingdom of God fulfilled.

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