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Pastor Chris Online Quiz

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1.) At what age did Pastor Chris hold his first crusade?

A) 23

B) 30

C) 15

D) 25

2.) Where did the last Night Of Bliss with Pastor Chris hold?

A) Canada

B) Texas

C) South Africa

D) Ghana

3.) In what year was the first edition of Pastor Chris’ best-selling devotional “Rhapsody of Realities” printed?

A) 1995

B) 2001

C) 2005

D) 2000

4.) Which of these is the title of a message preached by Pastor Chris?

A) Christ Consciousness

B) Christianity and Life

C) What is Love?

D) All of the above

5.) The following are books written by Pastor Chris except…….

A) Prophecy

B) Don’t stop here!

C) None of these diseases

D) The New Man

6.) Which of these is an audio message by Pastor Chris

A) Wisdom For Wealth

B) Ministering to the Lord

C) Live Your Best

D) Our Calling To Glory

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